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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Smart Showcases Industry Insights at the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit
Tuya Smart Showcases Industry Insights at the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit
Jun 04, 2024

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global cloud platform service provider, hosted the signature 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit at the Shangri-La Hotel in Futian, Shenzhen. The summit attracted an array of esteemed guests from top domestic and international companies, including Amazon, Lenovo, Haier, Silicon Labs, TÜV SÜD, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Texas Instruments, Google Cloud, Goneo Group, Geely, Enerlution, Cerence, Mentech, Secure Net, BangBang, Sixeco, Delos, Easyhome, ZBOM, V2 Indonesia, In Space, Hometree, Simon, Chli, and Smartec. These industry leaders convened to engage in thought-provoking discussions on cutting-edge topics such as GenAI, large language models, and green sustainable development.

With the highest attendance in Tuya’s history, the Shenzhen edition of the summit attracted over 3,000 developers from various sectors within the global smart industry's upstream and downstream chain. Participants included manufacturers, system integrators, real estate groups, channel and solution providers, Chinese overseas brands, cross-border e-commerce sellers, core foreign trade OEM/ODM factories, overseas buyers, and traders. International delegates joined developers to witness this momentous event in the world of smart technology, showcasing the global impact and significance of Tuya Smart's initiatives.

The summit boasted an impressive lineup, comprising a main forum and two subsidiary forums. The main forum, centered on the topic "GenAI + IoT: Driving Smarter Spaces," delved into the integration and cutting-edge applications of GenAI technology with intelligent devices, elucidating how these innovative technologies fuel industry expansion. The subsidiary forums tackled two pivotal topics: "A Novel Approach to Green, Low-carbon, and Sustainable Living" and "Navigating Industry Innovation - the Developer's Influence". Experts from diverse industries converged to discuss emerging trends, patterns, and prospects in industrial advancement, integrating market insights with their hands-on expertise.

Furthermore, Tuya collaborated with industry giants to present the Tuya Ecosystem Partner Exhibition (TEPE), highlighting numerous innovative AI devices and solutions to a global audience of developers. The products exhibited covered various verticals, including home automation, security, pet care, elderly assistance, and healthcare, offering participants a closer glimpse into the functionalities, applications, and future potential of contemporary AI hardware.

Discussing Opportunities and Challenges in the GenAI Era

As the GenAI revolution gains momentum, the AI hardware market has embarked on a new journey that is reshaping the smart ecosystem. Consequently, an important question has emerged: how will GenAI technology broaden application horizons and enhance user experiences with a more human touch? During the morning session of the main forum, industry luminaries, including Leo Chen, Co-Chairman and President of Tuya Smart, Mengrou Deng, Product Head of the Developer Platform at Tuya Smart, Will Yu, Chief Scientist of AI and Head of the AI Algorithm Research Center at Tuya Smart, and Dr. Yaxiao Liu, CTO of AWS GCR, shared their insights. They examined the future trajectory of the smart industry propelled by GenAI and gave their perspectives on such topics as business, products, and application scenarios.

At the summit, Tuya unveiled its groundbreaking AI large language model, Cube AI. Leveraging Tuya's vast ecosystem and its prowess in open-source large models, Cube AI has broad applicability in a variety of smart scenarios. For instance, Cube AI provides real-time insights into energy consumption and generates tailored energy-saving strategies, addressing challenges such as scene incompatibility, data issues, and low ROI that developers often encounter in their daily R&D efforts. This enables developers to swiftly implement energy-saving solutions across industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

Furthermore, with the United Nations Global Compact as a witness, Tuya formally inaugurated its ESG Practice Initiative. Eva Na, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Cooperation and CMO of Tuya Smart, emphasized Tuya’s commitment to actively promoting the global application of cutting-edge technologies, including GenAI, to integrate smart capabilities into a wider range of real-world scenarios. She also extended a call to global ESG practitioners to collaborate to ensure that more people across the globe can experience the convenience of the smart world.

As GenAI technology continues to progress, it is expected to fuel new growth opportunities for the industry. In the second session of the Main Forum, titled "Embracing Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Growth," an array of experts shared their insights. Jing Chen, Technical Lead of TuyaOS at Tuya Smart, Tiangang Qin, Director of Strategic Cooperation at Lenovo Group, Xiangyu Xue, IoT R&D Director of Haier Water PL, Tianjie Zhang, Chief Architect of AI Computing at Alibaba Cloud, Kevin Hu, Alexa Smart Home Principle BD Manager, Stephanie Chen, Head of Shenzhen Business Development at Amazon GlobalSelling, Anthony Zhou, China General Manager of Silicon Labs, and Erdan Ma, Section Manager at TÜV SÜD, all gave in-depth analyses of the new developments spurred by emerging technologies. They also discussed from diverse perspectives the opportunities and challenges presented in the GenAI era.

During the panel discussion, industry leaders, including Zheyuan Nie, the Technical Director of the Developer Platform at Tuya Smart; Beta Wang, General Manager of Tencent Cloud Intelligence, Head of Tencent Cloud Intelligent Products; Jerry Shi, the China FAE Director of Texas Instruments; and Levi Chen, the Customer Solutions Architect of Google Cloud, participated in an in-depth dialogue. Their discussion centered on a critical question: "How are disruptive innovations powering the smart home revolution?" The panel delved into the latest trends in this area and anticipated future applications of cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the smart home landscape.

Exploring the Integration Path of Green Low-Carbon and Technological Innovation Development

On the afternoon of May 29, two concurrent sub-forums were held: "A Novel Approach to Green, Low-carbon, and Sustainable Living" and "Navigating Industry Innovation - the Developer's Influence". These events attracted many esteemed guests, each of whom contributed valuable insights and perspectives.

Amidst the global shift in energy structure and evolving market demands, sustainable, green, and high-quality development models have emerged as the preferred choice of numerous enterprises. The question of how enterprises can leverage new technologies in the GenAI era to achieve intelligent energy management has become a critical topic of discussion.

During the "A Novel Approach to Green, Low-carbon, and Sustainable Living" sub-forum, leaders from various industries convened to share their perspectives. Weiwei Xie, the Vice President and General Manager of New Energy Division of Goneo Group; Jia Li, the Deputy General Manager of Storage Division of Geely Viridi; Yu Chen, the General Manager of Enerlution, Shaobin Xiao, the China Business Vice President of Cerence; Jingzhou Li, the General Manager of Mentech, Hua Wang, the General Manager of Secure Net; Chen Yangbin Chen, the CTO of Bangbang Robotics; Ye Yang, the Product Planning Director of Manufacturing Bureau of Sixeco; Qinghui Yang, the New Energy Solutions Product Director of Tuya Smart; and Rui Bai, the Smart Mobility Solutions Product Director of Tuya Smart, all emphasized the crucial role of energy-saving and emission reduction efforts. They discussed energy management strategies propelled by new technologies, drawing from their respective experiences in the automotive, electrical, home, mobility, and storage sectors.

In the "Navigating Industry Innovation - the Developer's Influence" sub-forum, industry leaders convened to explore the ways in which technology and platform functionalities can foster differentiated competitive edges for products and fuel the growth of smart businesses. Among them were Haiping Ying, the General Manager of Tuya Smart Commercial; Xue Ya, the President of Delos Asia and International WELL Building Institute Asia; Yuzhi Fang, the Vice President of Easyhome; Mu Tang, the Founder of In Space; Rudi Hidayat, the CEO of V2 Indonesia; Elvio Ransolin, the CEO of Hometree; Zhiwen Wu, the ZBOM Smart Home Business Director; Guangming Zheng, the Simon China Marketing Director; Dechao Chen, the Founder of Chil; and Jianfeng Liu, the Founder of Smartec, who all shared insights reflecting their respective industry landscapes.

Furthermore, during these sub-forums, Tuya organized cooperation agreement signing ceremonies with several notable companies, including Zhilian, Mentech, Aofude, Firefly, AiTAN, Easyhome, Delos, V2 Indonesia, and Hometree. Looking ahead, Tuya aims to capitalize on the strengths of its partners across industries, technologies, and products, fostering mutually beneficial collaborations through synergistic efforts and complementary expertise.

Unveiling Global Potential: Premier Showcase of Hundreds of Cutting-edge Smart Hardware Products at the Ecosystem Exhibition

At this year's developers summit, Tuya collaborated with valued partners like Chil, Huizhu, Lingke, and Silicon Labs to host the revolutionary Tuya Ecosystem Partner Exhibition (TEPE). This integrated exhibition IP not only consolidates brand power but also fosters technical exchanges and enhances industry collaboration. Its objective is to unite global developers in showcasing cutting-edge technologies and achievements, capitalizing on the momentum of the TUYA Global Developer Summit to amplify brand influence and foster deeper global business partnerships.

The exhibition showcased hundreds of smart hardware products spanning a diversity of sectors such as home, security, pets, energy, mobility, office, and commerce. Among them, innovative AI products like smart bird feeders, pet machines, and smart rings stole the show. These products seamlessly integrate AI capabilities, executing user commands with remarkable accuracy based on daily habits and real-world scenarios, and left exhibition attendees with an unforgettable immersive experience.

The TEPE was not only a showcase for smart hardware, but also highlighted numerous pioneering solutions that illustrated the practical applications and scenario-specific value of AI hardware across diverse fields, including smart central control screen solutions and smart lighting innovations. Attendees were treated to an immersive experience and were able to appreciate the advantages of smart living and technology.

In the evenings, Tuya facilitated business banquets, such as "Winning Force: Visionaries' Night" and "Smart Expansion Overseas: Setting Sail on a New Journey." These events served as a comfortable platform for fostering meaningful communication among upstream and downstream enterprises in the smart industry, investors, developer representatives, cross-border buyer groups, and traders. They facilitated the establishment of robust business partnerships and the collaborative exploration of lucrative business opportunities in the GenAI era.

For developers, the TUYA Global Developers Summit is a momentous AI industrial gathering, allowing participants to reflect on the present while envisioning the future. Experts from internationally renowned enterprises converged to share their wealth of experience and their insights for the future. The exchange of ideas among these industry leaders will not only offer scientific guidance for current corporate endeavors but also further the convergence of technology and business in the GenAI era, thereby accelerating the development of global smart business.

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