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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Smart Teams Up with Tervix To Explore Application Scenarios Of Smart Homes in Ukraine
Tuya Smart Teams Up with Tervix To Explore Application Scenarios Of Smart Homes in Ukraine
Mar 05, 2021

This cooperation will help Tervix apply smart home products to consumption scenarios in apartments and hotels.

DÜSSELDORF—Mar. 5, 2021— Tuya Smart, a leading global IoT Cloud Platform, and Tervix, a well-known smart home provider in Ukraine, today announced a new partnership to bring more high-quality and cost-effective smart home products to the Ukrainian market and worldwide. Tervix, with support from Tuya, will explore new opportunities for the smart home and smart apartment.

Tervix is the first Ukrainian company to become an official brand partner of Tuya. Its smart home products, such as a smart gateway and a smart waterstop, achieved fast and low-cost development, thanks to the technical support of the Tuya IoT development platform.

Through the cooperation, Tervix will continue to leverage Tuya’s robust underlying technology development capabilities to develop more categories of smart home products suitable for the Ukrainian market. At the same time, with the support of diverse PaaS platforms such as Tuya Hotel and Tuya Community, Tervix will bring smart home products to more consumption scenarios, and realize the vision of creating a smart home system in complex environments.

Tuya will also help Tervix develop an OEM application, similar to the Tuya Smart app to control all ‘Powered by Tuya’ products on one single app. This allows users to customize personalized solutions, and easily create their own smart home experience.

“Cooperation between Tervix and Tuya will invigorate the development of an integrated and affordable smart home in Ukraine and neighboring countries. I believe that joint projects will be able to ensure recognition and desire to purchase smart home products from the Tervix brand based on the Tuya Smart app,” said Roman Buhai, Owner and General Director of Tervix in Ukraine.

Tina Yu, General Manager of Eurasia from Tuya, said, “The cooperation with Tervix has allowed Tuya to reach Ukrainian consumers, enter the Ukrainian market, and bring more high-quality smart products to consumers there. In the future, the two parties will deepen the cooperation content and explore more consumption scenarios suitable for smart home products.”

Tuya welcomes you to join the AI+IoT Business Conference TED-styled Tour Events in Europe. Themed “Joint Efforts & Prosperous Growth”, the events will be held online in 10 countries and languages with industry leaders sharing best practices in smart business scenarios. For more information and to register for free: https://www.tuya.com/event/abc/eur

About Tervix

Tervix is a wholesaler, providing users with smart home solutions. It has over 100 distributors in Ukraine, and sets up smart home workstations in shopping centers and franchised stores in major cities of Ukraine, which serve the purposes of attracting potential customers and conducting distributor trainings. Tervix Ukraine currently has 50 SKUs of smart devices, and sells mainly through distributors, online stores, and other online trading platforms.

About Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart is a leading global IoT Cloud Platform with a unique, all-in-one offering of cloud + connectivity + app that makes it easy and affordable for brands, retailers, and OEMs to make their products smart. Tuya’s platform has smart-enabled more than 252,000 device SKUs in hundreds of categories worldwide, serving over 262,000 developers globally. Tuya is internationally operated with headquarters in the U.S., Germany, India, Japan, Colombia, and China.

For more information, please visit: Tuya's website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

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