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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Smart’s Cube Cloud Officially Supports Alibaba Cloud IoT, Tencent Cloud IoT, and AWS IoT
Tuya Smart’s Cube Cloud Officially Supports Alibaba Cloud IoT, Tencent Cloud IoT, and AWS IoT
Jan 05, 2024

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), the global IoT developer service provider, officially announced that its IoT platform now supports compatibility with mainstream IoT platforms for upstream device access and downstream application services.

Tuya Launches a Standardized Migration Solution

IoT has already proven that it is not merely a gimmick for "pouring old wine in a new bottle," but rather a new intelligent industry ecosystem continually integrating cutting-edge technologies, such as AI and cloud computing. In this evolving ecosystem, amid the growth of digital services, enterprises face an increasingly urgent need for platform migration.

To address issues such as extended device migration times, impact on normal business operations, and difficulty ensuring consistency after migration, Tuya has launched a comprehensive, standardized migration solution. This solution facilitates a smooth and swift migration of IoT devices and data to a private IoT platform, or the Tuya IoT PaaS platform built on Cube Solution, without disrupting business.

Specifically, when customers plan to migrate to their IoT platform, Tuya provides the most diversified category capabilities in the IoT industry, supporting on-demand selection, flexible expansion, and integrated deployment and operation. It also simultaneously supports a private platform solution for device migration on platforms such as Alibaba Cloud IoT, Tencent Cloud IoT, and AWS IoT, offering customers a one-stop private IoT platform construction and deployment capability through Cube Solution.

When customers want to migrate to the Tuya IoT PaaS platform, they can flexibly access the Tuya IoT PaaS platform through standard protocol access, TuyaOS access, MCU standard protocol access, gateway access, and other methods. Meanwhile, developers can choose the most suitable access method according to their needs.

Tuya’s solution addresses concerns around complexities and potential business operation impacts during migration. Customers only need to perform simple firmware updates on their devices to complete platform switching in bulk, achieving "seconds-level switching." This seamless process does not affect end-customer perception and experience. For devices completed in production but not yet connected to third-party platforms, Tuya provides production testing and burning tools, along with open interfaces for swift and efficient equipment modifications. If projects face other challenges and cannot update equipment in the short term, customers can consult Tuya’s technical service experts to discuss relevant solutions.

Honyar, based in Hangzhou, a traditional state enterprise, entered the smart lighting industry in 2010. In 2013, the company formulated a plan to transform and upgrade from smart lighting to smart homes and then to smart cities. Based on a strong foundation of cooperation with Tuya, after encountering difficulties in platform migration, Honyar chose Tuya's migration solution. The solution not only achieved platform migration quickly and smoothly, but also continuously enriched the categories of smart products based on user needs, further expanding the smart home market.

Tuya’s IoT Platform Provides Protection for Customer Migration

So, what sets Tuya’s IoT platforms apart from other open-source IoT platforms in the industry? Why do customers from various industries choose Tuya’s IoT platform?

1.Richer Ecosystem of Smart Hardware and Developers: Since 2014, Tuya has been deeply involved in various fields of the IoT industry, shaping a mature and stable technical architecture, a rich smart hardware ecosystem, and a developer system. In terms of hardware, the platform has hundreds of smart hardware development-free solutions, covering eight major hardware categories such as electrical lighting, small and large household appliances, and security sensing. It has also established deep cooperation with numerous factories and solution provider customers.

This means Tuya can easily integrate industrial resources, help factories and solution providers achieve precise docking, and support connecting customers to Tuya’s IoT ecosystem, achieving interconnection and further expanding business scenarios.

2.Comprehensive Management and Application Development Capabilities and Tools: Based on years of business and technological accumulation, compared with other open-source IoT platforms in the industry, Tuya’s IoT platform has a one-stop application development capability, including App development, Mini App development, SaaS development, product voice capability development, and rich device online management and data operation capabilities.

Tuya’s App development platform enables the direct OEM and generation of branded apps, without the need for code programming. The open App SDK grants developers greater freedom to create their apps, offering a rich variety of upper-level applications. For instance, a specific IPC customer developed an App using the Tuya App SDK and plans to expand into additional hardware categories through the Tuya ecosystem in the future. In another case, a smart home appliance customer in need of an OEM App migrated to Tuya’s IoT platform, swiftly creating an exclusive branded App.

**3.Customization and Differentiation Capability: **At present, the IoT industry has entered a growth period. In a new competitive landscape, customers often have customized and differentiated needs. In this regard, Tuya can leverage the advantages of PaaS2.0 and Cube Solution to match customers' actual needs, provide differentiated application deployment solutions, and help customers achieve commercial success.

Telkom, the largest telecommunications group in Indonesia, has successfully launched the consumer-grade smart home service, IndiHome Smart, and the small and medium-sized enterprise solution, SooltanCam, with the assistance of Cube Solution. This initiative brings enhanced value-added services to consumers, further bolstering the potential for future product iterations. In addition, China Gas has established a more integrated management capability in its China Gas IoT platform, relying on Cube Solution. By seamlessly integrating intelligent terminals, IoT platforms, application platforms, and clients, China Gas has achieved the system construction of "One China Gas, One System, One Standard."

**4.Enabling Richer Intelligent Application Scenarios: **The fragmented nature and diverse application scenarios of IoT determine the establishment of an IoT ecosystem, and the collaborative development of vertical ecosystem partners has become very important. After years of deep cultivation, Tuya’s IoT platform has accumulated a large number of ecosystem-oriented enterprises and rich vertical scene solutions, which can help customers quickly build and implement application scenarios such as smart energy, smart commerce, smart real estate, and smart transportation.

China Overseas Technology and Tuya have collaborated to develop the China Overseas Smart Living Platform. This platform adopts unified standards, ecosystem, and product solutions, offering users functions such as home management, scene management, equipment management, community services, and life services. Furthermore, SCG, the largest cement and building materials manufacturer in Southeast Asia, has built a proprietary IoT platform with differentiated functions, high system stability, and complete data independence through Cube Solution. This platform provides comprehensive equipment management capabilities for property management projects in parks, buildings, communities, and other real estate sectors, significantly improving overall management efficiency.

Amid the current trend of enterprise cloud migration, the importance of selecting the most suitable platform has become paramount. Looking ahead, Tuya is committed to providing comprehensive migration solutions for users across various industries, while facilitating a seamless and secure transition between platforms in an orderly and convenient manner.

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