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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Successfully Holds 2023 TUYA Developer Summit in Singapore to Advance Sustainable Development
Tuya Successfully Holds 2023 TUYA Developer Summit in Singapore to Advance Sustainable Development
Aug 31, 2023

Singapore, August 31, 2023 - Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT developer service provider, today held the TUYA Developer Summit (Singapore), the summit’s first overseas stop, to give developers advanced knowledge and share practical experience. The event featured a wide range of cutting-edge technology, products, and solutions in partnership with global business leaders.

TUYA Developer Summit in SingaporeTUYA Developer Summit in Singapore

Singapore is entering a new stage of intelligence-driven development, as characterized by the Singapore government’s announcement of the "Smart Nation 2025" 10-year plan in 2014. The development of Singapore's smart city continues to evolve, with intelligence encompassing all facets of life, such as outdoor travel, education, etc., embodying Singapore's "3C concept" of Connect, Collect, and Comprehend.

With its strong technical foundation and open platform, Tuya, as an IoT industry practitioner and pioneer, will support the "3C concept" in maximizing the value of its "intelligence" in real-world interconnection and application scenarios, further investigate how to create an AI-powered smart city. The TUYA Developer Summit provided the chance to learn more about the development of smart cities in the age of AI. The TUYA Developer Summit (Singapore) featured Tuya's PaaS2.0, integrated hardware and software solutions, and HEMS, all of which embrace the "3C concept” and address the pain points faced by the global industry in smart transformation.

Visitors Learned about Tuya's SolutionsVisitors Learned about Tuya's Solutions

Summit guests included: · Jerry Huang, Managing Director of APAC Business Affairs of Wi-Fi Alliance · Apirut Vancha-am, Chief Digital Officer of Siam Cement Group (SCG) · Jai Mirpuri, Country Head of Singapore (Development) & Thailand of ESR · Spike Choo, General Manager of Sustainability and Industry Ecosystems of M1 Enterprise Services · Clement Koh, Founder of AutoLifeTech · JingXian Wu, Data Scientist of Meta · Alex Yang, Co-Founder and COO of Tuya Smart · Ross Luo, General Manager of Asia Pacific Region of Tuya Smart · Daniel Shan, Product Director of Intelligence Business Group of Tuya Smart

TUYA Developer Summit in SingaporeTUYA Developer Summit in Singapore

Ross Luo, General Manager of Tuya Smart's Asia Pacific Region, gave an opening keynote address on the theme of "Everything Connected, Everyone Sustainable."

"The Smart Nation with its 3C concept that is linked to the IoT ecosystem, will give Singapore stronger resilience and to better practice sustainable development, which also means that the global IoT industry has entered the next stage,” Luo said in his keynote address. “For Singapore's Smart Nation program, Tuya focuses on developing an open and neutral smart ecosystem, which ensures that devices of various categories and brands can be connected seamlessly, developing its own IoT platform at a high efficiency and low cost, and guaranteeing the arrival of smarter applications by fusing AI and other technologies to give customers full-process autonomy for IoT. Teaming up with intelligence has become vital, and Tuya is keen to collaborate with global developers to discover a better, greener, and more intelligent way of life."

Ross Luo, General Manager of Asia Pacific Region of Tuya SmartRoss Luo, General Manager of Asia Pacific Region of Tuya Smart

Next, Tuya and many other well-known industry leaders gave excellent remarks to the audience, focusing on the three main subjects of "interconnection," "application," and "AI+IoT."

I. Interconnection: Forging a new IoT ecosystem

Developers are in urgent need of a secure, effective, and scalable platform to enable device interconnection between a variety of brands of devices under different connectivity protocols. The sharing of Tuya and its partners at the Summit showed the possibility of creating effective interconnection of devices.

Alex Yang, Co-Founder and COO of Tuya Smart delivered a keynote speech entitled "PaaS2.0:The Productivity Hub For Sustainable Application Scenarios".

“The progress of smart cities encounters a lot of challenges, among which data security and rapid development of personalized scenario applications are crucial,” Yang said in his keynote address. “The security compliance capabilities of PaaS2.0 have once again advanced to a new level thanks to collaboration with the third-party auditing organizations and law firms. The Tuya Mini App offers comprehensive development frameworks, components, and APIs that can assist developers in creating individualized scene applications that are equivalent to the original App experiences with low entry barriers and great efficiency. Additionally, the development of AI algorithms and other personalization tools will raise the value of scene Apps even further. For instance, the energy-saving kit from Tuya for Singapore households can connect body sensors, infrared remote controls, smart fans, smart air conditioners, and more with the Mini App for home energy management to control the devices by the user's preferences and lower power usage.”

Alex Yang, Co-Founder and COO of Tuya SmartAlex Yang, Co-Founder and COO of Tuya Smart

Wi-Fi Alliance

Jerry Huang: Wi-Fi®: Inherent Strengths Enabling IoT Ecosystems

Jerry Huang, Managing Director of APAC Business Affairs of Wi-Fi Alliance said, “The Wi-Fi Alliance is dedicated to delivering an exceptional connectivity experience to our global industry partners, and standards-based interoperable technology is Wi-Fi's primary strength. The Internet of Things is established and developed among a variety of device manufacturers, while Wi-Fi offers a common platform to fit different devices’ performance, power, and latency requirements and is simple, effective, and affordable to implement, providing end-users the confidence of a quality experience.”

Jerry Huang, Managing Director of APAC Business Affairs of Wi-Fi AllianceJerry Huang, Managing Director of APAC Business Affairs of Wi-Fi Alliance

II. Applications: Unlock smart scene applications

How can developers effectively address the application needs of these smart industrial systems given the sheer number of systems involved in the smart industry? At the Summit, Tuya's "modular" software combination capabilities and rich hardware ecosystem provide developers with new ideas to break the ice.

Daniel Shan, Product Director of the Intelligence Business Group of Tuya Smart, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Business Value Creation under Technological Evolution".

"According to a Transforma Insight analysis, there will be 15000 million IoT device connections worldwide in 20 different industries, including education, community service, and many other industries, by 2023,” Shan said. “This also implies that different industries require distinct things from business scene upgrades. The "modular" software combination capabilities of Tuya and its robust hardware ecosystem can support the quick implementation of smart scenarios by developers. Considering Tuya House & Real Estate SaaS, when multi-brand and cross-industry intelligent devices, like security management, access control intercom, parking gate, etc., are connected to Tuya's ecosystem through its industry solutions, they can work together with Tuya-enabled hardware devices to realize a smart scene. In addition, developers can quickly put community applications in use through Tuya's user-side application matrix, providing residents with distributed entrances such as App, Mini App, and smart terminals on the user's side, so that users can feel the convenience brought by the application of intelligent scenes at every entrance. On the property management side, managers can carry out regional operation and maintenance of the community through the property management App, and the utilization rate of space resources will be greatly enhanced. Tuya's integrated hardware and software solutions will help global industry customers to expand more industry scenarios and develop their own sustainable development path.”

Daniel Shan, Product Director of Intelligence Business Group of Tuya SmartDaniel Shan, Product Director of Intelligence Business Group of Tuya Smart

SCG, the largest cement and construction materials producer in Southeast Asia Apirut Vancha-am: Five Secrets to Making Smart-home a Consumer-friendly, Inclusive and Sustainable Solution for Everyone

SCG has made significant contributions to the advancement of the nation's infrastructure initiatives for more than a century, operating over 300 subsidiaries. SCG has divided its core businesses into five segments: cement-building materials, papermaking, chemicals, packaging, and commerce. Its operations span many Southeast Asian countries and regions, including Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, and Myanmar.

Apirut Vancha-am, Chief Digital Officer of SCG, said, "Comprehensive platform technological capabilities, open and sustainable IoT solutions, and ecosystems are crucial for constructing intelligent scenarios. SCG is collaborating with Tuya Smart to launch the ‘MIND’ smart home brand. Leveraging Tuya's rich ecosystem of hardware and Cube Solution capabilities, SCG is dedicated to creating consumer-oriented smart homes. By exploring five key secrets, SCG aims to make smart homes a highly inclusive and sustainable solution for the general public.”

Apirut Vancha-am, Chief Digital Officer of Siam Cement Group (SCG)Apirut Vancha-am, Chief Digital Officer of Siam Cement Group (SCG)

ESR, a large-scale new economy real estate platform in the Asia Pacific region Jai Mirpuri: Green Technology Investments in Real Estate

ESR is Asia Pacific's largest new economy-driven real estate management company and the world's third-largest publicly listed real estate investment management company. It has a strong footprint in key markets in the Asia Pacific region and is expanding its presence in Europe and the United States.

Jai Mirpuri, Country Head of Singapore (Development) & Thailand of ESR, said, “Global climate issues are a serious challenge today. According to several reports from the IEA, Global ABC, and other sources, 28% of global CO2 emissions come from the building construction industry. The sustainability transformation of the real estate industry is a matter of urgency. Integration of IoT devices has become increasingly common in buildings, covering lighting, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, where these systems monitor and control all aspects of building operations to minimize energy waste. IoT technology plays a key role in driving the green real estate revolution.”

Jai Mirpuri, Country Head of Singapore (Development) & Thailand of ESRJai Mirpuri, Country Head of Singapore (Development) & Thailand of ESR

III. AI+IoT: to help intelligent transformation

The upgrading of AI technology also advances the development of IoT. What new changes will the combination of the two bring to the global industry? At the TUYA Developer Summit, Singapore's local enterprises brought new inspiration of IoT and AI to global developers based on their own experience of cooperation with Tuya.

M1 Enterprise Services, Singapore's leading digital network operator

Spike Choo: Driving Sustainable Growth through Smart Energy Solution

As the first digital network operator in Singapore, M1 provides a suite of communication services including mobile, fixed-line, and fiber offerings to over two million customers,. M1 launched commercial services in 1997. It was the first operator to offer nationwide 4G services in Singapore; it has also been awarded one of Singapore’s two nationwide 5G standalone network licenses. With robust growth in recent years, M1’s Enterprise Business provides an extensive suite of services and solutions to corporate customers which includes symmetrical connectivity solutions of up to 10Gbps, managed services, cloud solutions, cybersecurity solutions, Internet of Things and data centre services. Furthermore, M1 has been actively embedding ESG solutions into strategy to elevate the sustainability and ethical standards of businesses across various industry chains.

Spike Choo, General Manager of Sustainability and Industry Ecosystems of M1 Enterprise Services, said, “M1 is pleased to partner with Tuya to offer cutting-edge Smart Workspace and Smart Building solutions to help enterprises and building owners become more energy efficient while improving occupancy comfort and productivity. By leveraging Connectivity, IoT and AI-based analytics, facility managers and building owners can easily control, calibrate and optimize the various equipment and devices to achieve the most ideal working conditions throughout the day and in different weather conditions.”

Spike Choo, General Manager of Sustainability and Industry Ecosystems of M1 Enterprise ServicesSpike Choo, General Manager of Sustainability and Industry Ecosystems of M1 Enterprise Services

AutoLifeTech, an IoT research and integration company

Clement Koh: Application of AI to Home Energy Saving Systems

AutoLifeTech is an IoT research and integration company. Its specialty is to create fine user interfaces and have customers' products integrated into one platform to further create desired automation, including those that are technically difficult to realize.

Clement Koh, Founder of AutoLifeTech, shared two case studies during his speech, saying: “AI technology is critical in energy conservation, it enhances the Home Energy Management System through predictive analytics. Our collaboration with Tuya successfully transformed traditional households into smart ones, realizing real-time information analysis for personalized energy usage demands, and dynamic control of home appliances for optimal energy usage. We are keen to leverage Tuya’s IoT and of AI-driven energy management capabilities to shape home users' behaviors and habits for eco-conscious living.”

Clement Koh, Founder of AutoLifeTechClement Koh, Founder of AutoLifeTech

Meta, a globally recognized meta-universe enterprise

JingXian Wu: AI & LLMs Impact on the IoT Industry

Jingxian Wu, Data Scientist of Meta, said, "The integration of AI and IoT will bring inspiration for global industries. All software and industries will be able to reshape with big models, developing comprehensive smart hardware. For example, the original equipment could only recognize a single scene, which would not preform ideally in real-life scenarios. With the multi-modal ability of the large language model, the equipment can perform analysis and association with changing scenes, alerting users in real time. Thus, I think application based on big models will become the next trend.”

JingXian Wu, Data Scientist of MetaJingXian Wu, Data Scientist of Meta

The TUYA Developer Summit (Singapore) unveiled many innovative Tuya-enabled products and integrated software and hardware solutions, which triggered heated discussions among the industry leaders and also presented a wonderful collision of viewpoints for developers. In the future, the TUYA Developer Summit will be held in various major cities and overseas in 2023.

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