What Does Our Name Mean?
Tuya’s Founders saw this word and its dual English-Chinese definitions as the perfect embodiment of what they wanted to achieve.
"Tuya" means "Graffiti"
Graffiti is an extremely creative and ever-evolving form of art bulit on top of older structures and surfaces.
"Tuya" is a rare and distinct volcano
A “Tuya” is a rare and distinctly shaped type of volcano that forms when lava erupts though a thick glacier or ice sheet. Tuya volcanoes explode through surfaces, creating new landscapes where there previously was nothing.
Tuya Smart
A company that gives brands, developers, retailers, and manufacturers a powerful platform on which to directly tap into the AIoT/smart home opportunity and quickly grow their smart product lines, spraying their signature AIoT graffiti and breaking through any and all barriers to tap new AIoT markets and revenue streams.
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