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Data Center
Use the power of big data for actionable insights into user behavior and device usage.
What is Data Center?
The Data Center provides comprehensive data analysis of device usage and app user behavior based on registrations, activation, activity, interactions, linkage, and user feedback.
Use the demos to understand how the Data Center works and how data is displayed. Before you use the Data Center, we recommend watching the demos to learn how it works.
Device Linkage Analysis
Use category and scene linkage analysis to understand product usage and optimize sales and marketing strategies accordingly.
In-Depth Analysis
Get granular, data-backed insights on app and device usage according to countries, categories, and products.
User Profile Analysis
Track app user behavior over time to optimize sales strategies.
How it works
Application Scenario
Devices Analytics
Devices Analytics shows you how many smart devices are activated, which functions are frequently used, and where the devices are located.
User Operations
Provides intelligent, profile-based user analysis and analysis of user growth at different stages of the product lifecycle. By analyzing user data at different stages in the lifecycle, Data Analytics helps you understand the behavior of various kinds of app users and optimize operation strategies accordingly.
The Overview provides an intuitive and holistic look at all device and OEM app data, including total real-time overview, today's real-time overview, overall dashboard, product distribution, and category linkage analytics.
App Analytics
By tracking and analyzing registrations, activity, and other data, App Analytics provides powerful insights into app user behavior and helps you optimize operational activities. You can view registration trends, active user trends, active user composition, active user stickiness, and user retention.
Feedback helps you fix bugs and other device or app issues as soon as possible and provide the best possible customer support. View your feedback queue and filter the queue according to app version, product type, and more.
The basic version
Value-added services
There are four packages. It's USD $60 a year to enable Devices Analytics or User Profiles and USD $100 a year to purchase all of them.
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