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All-in-One App
Supporting multilingual interfaces and global publishing, our all-in-one mobile apps can connect to smart devices across brands and categories and work as your smart home control hub.
What is All-in-One App?
We offer two all-in-one apps: Tuya Smart and Smart Life. They are necessary components in the smart ecosystem to connect and control smart devices. You can use them for free without any operation or maintenance costs. You only need to develop the hardware and don't need to invest additional resources in software R&D. The apps can integrate with various smart home scenarios and devices, and they can support multiple languages, including Chinese, English, German, French, and Japanese, allowing you to more easily tap into the global smart home market.
Free of charge
Use our apps free of charge with no need to invest in development, operations, maintenance, or updates. Users can download them on the App Store, Google Play, or other app stores.
Stable and reliable
Enjoy full compatibility with various smart devices, regular maintenance and updates by our R&D team, and 24/7 technical support.
Any protocol
Connect and control smart devices with any protocol, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee.
Total interoperability
Get cutting-edge IoT technologies and full interoperability with legacy systems. Focus on product innovation while providing users with innovative, interactive experiences to boost market competitiveness.
Multi-language support
Our apps support multiple languages, including Chinese, English, German, French, and Japanese. The continuously updated and improved language localization will help you smoothly enter a foreign market.
Application Scenario
Customers who require a basic smart home app
You can use our all-in-one apps for free and don't need to invest in development, operations, maintenance, or updates. We will release regular updates to ensure the app's stability. After completing the hardware development, you can print the QR code on the product manual. Users can directly scan the QR code to download the app and enjoy a smart life.
Customers who haven't completed branded app development
You can use our all-in-one apps to debug devices and modules, verify device pairing and control, and check whether OTA links work properly. You can also directly deliver the apps to users.
Account features
Use the app without registration; Sign up with an email address or mobile number; Log in with a third-party account, such as Google, Apple, WeChat, or Tencent QQ.
Home management
Share smart home access with family members and establish member-specific access permissions; Get real-time local weather and air quality information.
Device management
Support various protocol capabilities for device pairing and provide our pioneering Pegasus connection technology. Detect new devices automatically and complete pairing with one click; Support manual and voice control, including the third-party voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant; Support device sharing to enable sharing of devices with relatives or friends.
Complete home automation
Support one-click execution and automation to allow your customers to achieve smart device linkage and enjoy a smart life.
Push notifications
Send push notifications and alerts through channels such as Google and Umeng; Support various push notification features, including "do-not-disturb".
FAQ and Feedback
See app usage FAQs. Report problems with the app. Upload user logs in iOS to locate and troubleshoot problems.
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