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Use the Tuya App SDK and UI Biz Bundle to quickly develop a customized smart home app
What is App SDK?
The SDK App service provides smart home development kits and the UI Biz Bundle, allowing you to quickly develop your own smart home app. You can quickly implement the development through our Home SDK, Extension SDK, and UI Biz Bundle. The Home SDK includes smart device functions, including network configuration, device control, firmware updates, timed tasks, and smart scenario creation. The Extension SDK includes IPC SDK, sweeper SDK, and door lock SDK. The UI Biz Bundle provides a set of development-free UI kits based on the Home SDK. All functions can be easily implemented through APIs.
Various SDKs
Provide diversified Basic SDKs and Extension SDKs.
Development-free UI components
Use the UI Biz Bundle directly to easily implement all functions through APIs.
Flexible architecture
Assemble SDKs and the UI Biz Bundle through a flexible microservices architecture.
Application Scenario
Personalized app design
Develop a personalized app by yourself through the SDK app to deliver a smart home control hub that is distinguished from most other control hubs in the market. According to the brand positioning and target audience, enterprise developers can customize the app framework and usage path, rearrange various functions on the app, or adopt additional functions to provide exclusive innovative services.
Internet company crossove
The SDK app is widely applied to different mobile apps, such as social networking, online learning, video streaming, and utilities. You can quickly implement app integration through the SDK app and embed full smart functions in the existing app. You don't have to change the original design framework or build a new app. Simply by updating the app, existing users can embrace a brand new smart life. They can control and manage smart devices and services from the app, including IP camera video streaming and security surveillance. With our UI Biz Bundle, the clean and modern UI components can be directly applied without coding.
Obtain SDK
This page shows all the available SDKs and UI Biz Bundles. Our system will automatically generate development files according to your selected SDK and UI Biz Bundle. The link to the SDK and UI Biz Bundle documentation is provided for your reference.
Push certificates
Configure iOS or Android push certificates to ensure the push notifications triggered by the Tuya system can be properly sent to users.
Obtain key
Get the iOS and Android keys as needed.
Third-party login
Configure the APIs for login with third-party accounts.
Get Started
Enter IoT Platform – App Service – App SDK
Create App
Enter "Obtain SDK", Select SDK and UI Biz Bundle, and Download Config File
Enter "Obtain Key" to Get iOS and Android AppSecret and Security Image
Develop an App
Configure Push Certificate and Third-Party Login
Acceptance Testing
Publish on App Stores
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