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Device Management
Register, monitor, remotely manage, and update connected devices on a global scale.
What is Device Management?
Tuya Cloud Device Management helps you register, monitor, and remotely manage devices connected to Tuya Cloud around the world. You can view all device queues in the IoT Platform and take actions like information tracking, status monitoring, connection management, and log data viewing. You can also locate the current firmware information of each device to better confirm device stability and troubleshoot problems. Finally, you can also send over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates to ensure devices are running on the latest software.
Auto-registration and connection
After the device is activated (via cloud authentication), it is automatically registered within Device Management in the IoT Platform. The device name, device ID, product ID, software information, and other information are displayed.
Remote management
You can manage users' devices at any time in the IoT Platform to deliver good after-sales service. For example, you can unbind a connected device and restore it to troubleshoot problems. Tuya Cloud Device Management makes it easy for you to manage your devices.
Quick search
You can quickly find any IoT device from the device detail page based on a combination of attributes, such as device ID, device status, firmware information, and time range, so that you can take actions or troubleshoot.
Software update
The OTA update function helps you remotely update the software running on the deployed device.
How it works
Application Scenario
Continuous customer service
Make it easier for device managers and support and maintenance personnel to manage devices at different scales, suitable for both devices deployed across commercial and industrial sites and devices serving end users at home. Working with the "customer service system", they can receive fault reports and user feedback in real time and then troubleshoot problems with information from "device detail" and "log query". This helps to provide excellent after-sales service for end users.
Consumer electronics
Through ”OTA firmware updates“, consumer electronics manufacturers can easily verify the new version of the software on the test device and release software updates to all connected devices. After gaining informed consent from consumers, the device will automatically update the software to improve functionality and fix bugs. You can also create continuous tasks to update the software to the latest version upon its first activation.
Device details
View real-time data of all activated devices and relevant activation information. You can search by device ID, device status, firmware information, and time range.
Device log
Once a device is selected from the search results, you can enter the log list for that device. The log content is provided by the log service.
After the device is activated, it will be bound to the user's app account. To protect the rights of the device user, devices can only be reactivated by another user after the device is unbound. In Device Management, the support and maintenance personnel of the device can unbind an account from a device on the premise of verifying user's identity and obtaining consent, so that the device can be reactivated.
Data export
The data export function helps you easily analyze data or import data into your external data systems for matching analysis.
Device update
You can send OTA software updates to all activated devices and set update reminders, push content, and more.
Device Management is a connection capabilities-based service, aiming to help you efficiently operate and manage connected devices. The fee of each device's cloud authorization service covers cloud registration, so you don't need to pay extra for Device Management services.
Services provided by Device Management are priced on a pay-per-use model, and you are metered or charged for specific usage of a service. The services include remote operations, device query, logging storage, and more. There are no minimum fees or mandatory usage requirements.
Network module
Cloud authorization code
Remote operation service fee
Device log service fee
You can implement a device connection by integrating Tuya network modules so that the cloud authorization is completed through the cloud modules. Your module payments include the device cloud authorization, so you don't need to pay extra for authorization.
If you don't use the Tuya network module, you can accomplish the device connection by writing Tuya Cloud authorization code to the device. You only need to pay for the cloud authorization code.
Firmware Updates (OTA): Limited Free
Device logs are the real-time device data stored in the cloud, so that you can view, analyze, and export them as needed. According to the device function and the log retention time, the system will estimate the size of the data to be saved in the cloud and make separate quotations for different devices in time units.
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