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Various perfected and cost-effective solutions quickly build your smart products.
MCU Low-Code Development
Use plug-and-play network modules to create a smart product by writing only a small amount of code in the MCU.
What is MCU Low-Code Development?
Tuya's MCU low-code connection service is mainly used to create smart products with MCU master control. Tuya provides network modules that have been connected to Tuya Cloud, so that you only need to focus on product function R&D, and can develop smart products quickly and efficiently with Tuya's MCU SDK.
Low code
No need to extensively change the original MCU function code. Just integrate the MCU SDK to achieve device networking.
Low cost
No need to replace the master control chip. Just integrate Tuya's cost-effective module on the existing hardware to create a smart product.
Short mass production cycle
No need to design, test, and calibrate complex radio frequency circuits. Tuya network modules and MCU SDKs facilitate the modular development to shorten the development cycle and get your product into mass production much faster.
How it works
Application Scenario
Small home appliances
Complete functional modeling of over 100 small home appliances, covering dozens of products, including robot vacuums, fans, air conditioners, air purifiers, and electric heaters. You will also be able to support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy (BLE), Zigbee, and dual-mode (Wi-Fi + BLE) protocol types to meet various scenarios. Home appliance manufacturers only need to connect the Tuya modules to the MCU SDK, and thus quickly enable traditional home appliances to be smart at a low cost.
Kitchen appliances
Tuya provides a full-scenario smart kitchen appliance solution. Simply connect the Tuya modules through the MCU SDK and quickly make traditional kitchen appliances—from kettles to blenders to dishwashers—smart at a low cost.
Function definition
Define product functions by selecting the data point in a visualized manner. The data point represents the data to be sent to or from the cloud.
Custom function
During MCU development, you can add custom functions to achieve innovative and personalized functions beyond the standard data points, and thus enhance product competitiveness.
Adaptive control panels
According to your design preferences, products, or application styles, select a control panel that can automatically adapt to the function definitions. Scan the QR code with the Tuya Smart app to directly experience panel interactions and virtual debugging. No design skills are required.
Visualized drag-and-drop panel design
The drag-and-drop GUI design and release tool allows you to design panels in a development-free environment for both efficiency and aesthetics.
MCU development documents
You can download various MCU development documents, including: MCU SDK, Serial port communication protocol, Tuya serial port debugging assistant, DP debugging file: This includes product ID (PID), DP, and other information. It is used with the assistant.
Cloud configuration of the user experience
Support real-time creation and improve user experience configurations in the cloud, including app alert messages, multiple languages, and functional linkage.
With this service, you only need to pay the network module fee to connect to Tuya Cloud and create smart products. With no additional fees for cloud authorization, you can connect traditional devices to Tuya Cloud to enable them to be smart with only a small amount of coding on the MCU SDK.
We provide several communication protocols according to different device requirements, including the network modules of various chip platforms available at different prices and capabilities.
Tiered pricing
Negotiated price
You can buy at least one module for debugging from the platform or buy in bulk for production. Each time you place an order, the pricing center will evaluate the number of identical models ordered to determine the price bracket. The more you buy, the lower the price will be.
After you become a Tuya global partner and establish a strategic cooperation with Tuya, you will enjoy the negotiated price for specified modules. Contact the business development manager for more information.
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