IoTOS Development
Have full flexibility and endless options to develop smart products using the Tuya IoTOS.
What is IoTOS Development?
The Tuya IoTOS adapts to over 30 types of AIoT chips and covers major communication protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth low energy (BLE), Wi-Fi + BLE dual-mode, Zigbee, and NB-IoT. Using our accumulated smart solutions, we can innovatively componentize product functions, allowing you to put together powerful AIoT products as easily as using building blocks.
Widely adaptive
Get access to over 30 types of IoT chips covering all the major communication protocols, including Wi-Fi, BLE, Wi-Fi + BLE dual-mode, Zigbee, and NB-IoT.
Easily develop and deploy smart products based on our accumulated smart solutions.
Low cost
Our IoTOS fully leverages IoT SoC resources. A single chip can implement the full functions of a smart product, significantly reducing the cost of system hardware.
How it works
Application Scenario
Original chip manufacturers
After completing the chip design, original chip manufacturers migrate Tuya IoTOS to the chips so that the chips can be connected to Tuya Cloud. This improves chip competitiveness, helps customers quickly develop IoT products, and reduces development costs. The shortened product development cycle brings continuous and stable revenue for chip manufacturers.
Solution providers
With our powerful IoTOS, the smart product solution providers only need to focus on hardware design and firmware development. Tuya handles app operations and cloud services, and we will quickly build solutions in line with market trends to promote your brand and app.
To build a smart device through SDK integration, you pay a one-time fee to get the license for each device you want to connect to Tuya Cloud. Then, you can continuously use the IoT connection capabilities provided by Tuya Cloud for free. The license fee will be charged when we provide the unique cloud license key and will only be charged once during the entire device lifecycle, with no additional costs generated by the licensed cloud connection.
Free service package
Negotiated price
Currently, developers on the Tuya IoT Platform enjoy a free debugging service package for a limited time. After a product completes the defined SDK connection mode, you can apply for 10 free cloud license keys for debugging. You can purchase the service online when the time-limited trial expires or a single product exceeds the free quota.
After you become a Tuya global partner and establish a strategic cooperation with Tuya, you will enjoy the negotiated price. Contact the business development manager for more information.
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