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Smart Construction
Quickly deliver smart devices in batches and significantly improve construction efficiency.
What is Smart Construction?
Smart Construction is a smart product batch delivery service for brand owners, real estate developers, integrators, and construction service providers. This tool enables you to easily design, configure, and deploy smart home solutions for larger projects requiring device batches. For example, pre-installation smart real estate projects face challenges such as complicated network configurations and smart scene set-ups, which typically require a lot of manpower and time. There might be data security and privacy issues, and the delivery cycle of the entire smart project could be prolonged. Using our Smart Construction tool, you can quickly complete a series of deployment operations to increase construction efficiency.
Offline Deployment
Support the installation and network configuration of smart products when the construction site network is poor or when there is no network access.
Efficient Construction
The batch construction deployment solution uses simple templates to significantly speed up construction, reducing costs and saving time.
Reduced Construction Risk
Control and monitor construction personnel access and track progress in real time.
Reduced Construction Risk
Control and monitor construction personnel access and track progress in real time.
Managed Services
Our app's powerful verification service helps to ensure the highest possible accuracy for device locations, scenarios, and automations.
Self-service Connection
After moving in, the owner only needs to connect to the gateway to automatically bind all devices, scenarios, and automations, avoiding the need for on-site configuration by the construction personnel.
How it works
Application Scenario
Smart real estate projects
In the smart real estate industry, it is easy to create a smart home model room, but the batch setup of projects is expensive and time-consuming. The Smart Construction service provides an all-round solution for real estate projects, from early product planning to layout to handover of all controls to the project owner.
Easily Scale Projects
Use saving and cloning functionality to easily and efficiently scale projects, utilizing automation to avoid repetitive tasks.
Batch Handover of Devices
Owners can complete the automatic binding to all devices, scenarios, and automations by connecting to the gateway through a smart app in a networked environment. Thus, devices can be automatically handed over in batches.
Template-based Creation of Device Scenario Packages
Use templates to easily create and copy scenarios according to room type.
Correspondence Between Houses and Templates
Match construction templates and assign personnel according to house type to achieve the most efficient construction process. Monitor construction status in real time.
Strong Verification of Scenarios and Automations
Construction personnel can verify scenarios and automations with one click, avoiding errors caused by manual settings and ensuring the standardization of smart product delivery.
Smart Construction is a smart product batch delivery service for enterprises. You can choose different packages on-demand according to your project size and number of houses.
Software license feeUSD $7,500Provides the license to use Smart Construction and the functions of subsequent iterations.
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Construction license feeUSD $7.5 per householdProvides smart batch construction capabilities issued by the software platform. It is charged per household, and every 500 households is a purchase unit.
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OEM ProductUSD $1,500Provides the domain name of the software platform and the custom logo.
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