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The leading South Korean IoT brand is launching a smart pension program through Tuya’s Cloud Development Platform.


AnyOnNet is one of South Korea’s leading IoT companies specializing in smart home, smart office, and health care with expertise in sales, R&D, and engineering. AnyOnNet has built strong relationships with major players such as mobile carriers, distribution channels, and manufacturers.


Business Story

AnyOnNet provides smart devices for Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital and also provides installation and operation support as the South Korean government takes the lead in providing smart pension services for elderly people and vulnerable groups in the country.


Why Choose Tuya Smart?

In South Korea, though major mobile operators and home appliance enterprises such as Samsung and LG have provided various IoT platforms and services and the penetration rate of IoT is far ahead of the rest of the world, people who work in the industry still are confronted with serious challenges. Large enterprises dominate the entire market, which prevent the varied development of the local IoT market. The market price for IoT equipment is relatively high and remains unaffordable for regular consumers, and the products are hard to connect with other devices. Independent, local manufacturers are rare, and there are not many smart devices to choose from.

Combined with the current situation and requirements of the pension program, Tuya has designed a series of specialized solutions for AnyOnNet to help the rapid expansion of smart device categories as well as promote the existing pension programs into Tuya’s Security PaaS. Based on smart pension scenarios, Tuya helps AnyOnNet complete the market line planning, launch different types of smart products in stages, and fulfill the implementation of the whole pension program. Through Tuya’s OEM app service, AnyOnNet is spared the development work yet achieves control of over 200,000 ‘Powered by Tuya’ (PBT) smart products using its own branded app, providing AnyOnNet users with a variety of smart choices.



Hardware integration: AnyOnNet has selected different categories of smart products in the PBT ecosystem, such as body fat scales, sleep trackers, motion sensors, and vibration sensors. Through Tuya’s OEM app, AnyOnNet can control all of these products, from different brands and categories, through its own branded app.

Cloud development: AnyOnNet’s security PaaS, provided by Tuya’s Cloud Development Platform API, controls the hardware devices in the PBT ecosystem under the authorization of users, completes the monitoring and linkage combination of device data, and makes scene applications such as fall monitoring with alarm and sleep monitoring with alarm a reality. Based on these services, AnyOnNet can quickly implement its smart programs in the health care industry.


Currently, Tuya has enabled more than 20 intelligent products from AnyOnNet into the market. At the same time, AnyOnNet is in contact with large enterprises in South Korea, such as KT, Dasung, GS and Shinsegae. In the future, these enterprises will have access to the ‘Powered by Tuya’ intelligent ecosystem.

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