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Overall connection of IoT OS connection layer and real estate PaaS application layer.


Okura was founded in 1962, centered on the basic concept of “living,” it operates in fields including building construction, apartments, new area development, and real estate renovation in Japan.

In 1974, with the aim of “providing a convenient and comfortable life for our consumers,” Okura started its resort and spa business with exclusive memberships in Japan, which took off to a large scale ever since.


Case Introduction: Okura will introduce ‘Powered by Tuya’ (PBT) smart products fully into its real estate properties on Tuya Smart’s AI+IoT Development Platform as the standard to provide a one-stop purchase experience for their residents. In addition, Okura also applies Tuya’s smart construction and real estate PaaS solution to its renovation and transformation projects.

Business Story

Today, in order to provide a comfortable, safer, and more secure life for its customers, Okura is introducing the latest technology into the hospitality industry. In recent years, Okura, understanding the benefits of AIoT, promotes a smart city application, and has started its in-depth partnership with Tuya.

Why Choose Tuya Smart?

Okura hopes to launch popular IoT businesses in Japan. Through the injection of the latest technology, it is able to provide their customers with a comfortable, safer, and more secure life. With more than 200,000 PBT smart products, Tuya has formed a unique, smart ecosystem. Combing with powerful IoT developer products (cloud development, app development), Tuya enables Okura to quickly launch its smart real estate projects.

The overall connection of IoT OS connection layer and real estate PaaS application layer Tuya improves Okura’s technological ability from agile development, cross-brand connection to equipment data analysis.


  • Hardware development:Based on the Tuya IoT Development Platform, Okura combines graphene technology with IoT to develop a graphene floor heating thermostat. Developers only need to transplant the SDK to the existing code, call the interface function, and complete the MCU serial port and the data processing code to achieve their goal. Users can adjust the floor heating temperature, set the scene, and control the switch anytime and anywhere through the cloud and the relevant app.


  • Development of floor heating and snow-melting system: with a special focus on the perennial snowy environment in Hokkaido, Okura launched the graphene floor heating and snow-melting system. Through Tuya’s Cloud Development Platform, Okura can call the open API of temperature controller and AI intelligent camera to connect with the original floor heating system to realize scene linkage and automatic heating as well as other functions.



At present, the graphene floor heating and snow-melting system developed jointly by Tuya and Okura is under testing in Hokkaido, Japan. Okura has successively established HESTA whole-scene smart home exhibition hall and model house across the country with two exhibition halls in Osaka and Tokyo. In the future, they will be gradually setting up exhibition halls in Hokkaido, Sendai, Kyoto, Gifu, Okinawa, and other places.

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