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Dadam Micro Inc.

Quick and easy introduction of an IoT product portfolio.
Developer Stories
Dadam Micro Inc.

Dadam Micro Inc.

Dadam Micro Inc. was founded in May, 2000 with the vision of being the world market leader in disruptive embedded systems with smart convergence technologies. The company develop various embedded devices, systems and services with the user satisfaction in quality, performance and cost in mind. Ever since founding the company, the business portfolio has been expanded year by year to include Intelligent IoT, Healthcare Systems, and AI Robotics. The software architecture allows its products to be able to combine modular pieces of intelligent processing agents per needs based to produce the best results for our customers.


Business Story

The growth and development of AIoT developers and solutions have been increasing for years. Especially 2020 was a year full of innovation and breakthrough for AIoT developers and will be a turnkey to exploring the connectivity ecosystem in the global market. Dadam Micro Inc. is a specialist in smart home network systems and healthcare & biotechnology, with the need for simple and fast addition of an IoT function to a product of their existing portfolio, to fulfill the need of many customers of IoT service for smart home care solution.

Why Choose Tuya Smart?

As a leading AI+IoT platform provider, Tuya Smart's specialization is to enable its partners to access the IoT market as easily and quickly as possible. The main focus is that it only takes a few days from the idea to the finished IoT-capable product.

  • Compared to many multiple other platform providers, Tuya offers the most extensive offerings from system to apply modules, clouds, and app solutions to simple access to many products in a quickly and easily way

  • Tuya Smart actively supports all kinds of requests and needs of developments, so Dadam Micro was able to quickly and easily implement IoT functions that users requests

  • Tuya offers a very stable and secure cloud server and modules for any customized needs, which gave Dadam Micro the freedom to develop and produce their individual solutions


For the development and launch of its new puripot F1 and L1 product series, Dadam Micro used the Wi-Fi module of Tuya by MCO. To enable the entire product experience and meet customer demands, Tuya’s OEM App services is used.

The development of the first IoT-capable puripot products as possible within a concise period of time. After only a short onboarding, the entire Tuya Developer Platform was available to Dadam Micro, making it possible to access all the information and data required at the respective points in time quickly and easily, with a super easy to connect UART interface. 

The system and all products use the exceptionally stable Tuya Cloud in conjunction with the corresponding modules. The products further meet the ever-evolving demands of the AI+IoT market, so the Tuya Platform, with its continuous development and improvement, offers Dadam Micro and its products the opportunity that characteristics of the products and the IoT function continuously increasing with the ongoing advantage.

So, for upcoming further solutions, Dadam Micro is already looking forward to developing new solutions using SoC and App SDK. Meanwhile, Dadam Micro will continue to profit from the great chance and opportunity to satisfy their customer needs by using Tuya's AI+IoT platform solution. Tuya MCU SDK encapsulates the communications and networking functions. Dadam only needs to integrate SDK with its application codes to call relevant interfaces and complete device intelligence quickly.


Tuya SoC development-free solution provides a complete set of functions to meet mainstream requirements in the market. Dadam Micro does not need to carry out software development of existing products. The only thing that Dadam needs to do is to modify hardware circuit simply, and integrate Tuya modules into hardware circuit. In this way, new puripot F1 and L1 product series are developed quickly, while product release cycle is shortened substantially.

Regarding the hardware functions developed by Dadam Micro, Dadam Micro App integrates with Tuya App SDK, and combines cloud development API to control the products. Existing devices can connect and communicate with new devices.


Thanks to Tuya Smart's collaboration, Dadam Micro was able to launch their new Puripot P1 & M1 Series in 2019 - the same year in which the first request to Tuya Smart took place. The product series, which won the Innovation Award CES 2019, was already extended in 2020 by the F1 and L1 product series, which also won the Innovation Award CES 2020.

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