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Products Empowered by Tuya Smart Design Win iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 and Red Dot Design Award 2021
Jul 12, 2021

HANGZHOU, China —July 12, 2021 — Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA), a global leading IoT cloud platform, celebrates the products empowered by Tuya Smart’s industrial design team that won this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD and Red Dot Design Award. The WL2 Smart Camera and two voice remote controls stood out for innovative design and clean style. The WL2 Smart Camera was awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2021, while the Voice Remote Control won both an iF DESIGN AWARD and the Red Dot Design Award.

The Voice Remote Control addresses the consumer pain point of multiple misplaced remotes by creating a central voice-controlled hub to control many home electronics. In addition to offering an interconnected network for home devices, the product also features minimalist design and intuitive user interactions. The universal remote control allows users to click into the app or use voice control to state a command and control a variety of products across the home in seconds. The console’s streamlined silhouette and discrete design allow the product to satisfy user need for technology while also blending into any home style. The Voice Remote Control was awarded this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD in the product discipline, and was also recognized with a Red Dot Design Award.

The WL2 Smart Camera, winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2021 was lauded for its notable geometric design and smooth lines, making it an attractive addition to the home. In addition to its minimalistic shape, the WL2 Smart Camera provides private residences and families with a sense of security by offering a wide range of functions including HD night vision, mobile monitoring, full HD resolution, two-way voice intercom and remote control.

The iF DESIGN AWARD, overseen by Germany’s oldest industrial design organization, the iF International Forum Design GmbH, is the benchmark for the global design industry. It is renowned for its independent, rigorous and reliable awarding criteria. Every year, the award honors a limited number of products for outstanding performance in design, experience, and innovation.

The Red Dot Award was established by the German design association Verein Industrieform in 1955, now known as Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen (“DZNRW”). Thanks to its stringent selection standards, the award is widely regarded as an authority on global industrial design. Nominated products must demonstrate innovative characteristics that are not only clearly different from products in the same category, but also represent the highest level in their respective fields.

2021 is the third year that products empowered by Tuya Smart’s industrial design team have won the Red Dot Design Award and iF DESIGN AWARD, with a total of nine products and design winners to date and many more finalists.

By the end of March 2021, more than 310,000 pieces of smart hardware have been intelligently upgraded through Tuya Smart’s IoT Cloud Platform. In addition to providing services such as app control, hardware development and cloud development, Tuya Smart will continue to empower more developers to provide consumers with smart products that are both stylish and functional.

About Tuya Smart (Tuya Inc.)

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA) is a global leading IoT cloud platform with a mission to build an IoT developer ecosystem and enable everything to be smart. Tuya is the largest IoT PaaS business in the global market of IoT PaaS in terms of the volume of smart devices powered in 2020, according to CIC. Tuya has pioneered a purpose-built IoT cloud platform that delivers a full suite of offerings, including Platform-as-a-Service, or PaaS, and Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, to businesses and developers. Through its IoT cloud platform, Tuya has enabled developers to activate a vibrant IoT ecosystem of brands, OEMs, partners and end users to engage and communicate through a broad range of smart devices.

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