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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Smart Launches Its Latest Matter Solutions to Support Global Customers
Tuya Smart Launches Its Latest Matter Solutions to Support Global Customers
Aug 26, 2022

"Is there a way to simply use one app to control all of the smart devices in my home? I don’t want to have just one brand or download different apps to control multiple devices.” Up until now, this has been the common plight of many smart home users, constantly struggling with the inability to interconnect devices from different brands and ecosystems, across different protocols.

Tuya Smart (hereinafter called Tuya) (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT development platform service provider, has been expanding its commitment to promoting universal open standards that enable IoT products to securely connect and interact.

And this is where Matter comes in. Matter is a communication and application layer connection protocol, jointly launched by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), Google, Amazon, and Apple as well as early participants like Tuya.

The goal of Matter is to solve the fragmentation problem in the smart home industry by building a unified ‘language’ to eliminate the compatibility issues between different product ecosystems. Thus, it is also Tuya’s mission to have users enjoy a unified and integrated application without worrying about the interaction between varying communication protocols across different devices.

On August 25th, Tuya officially launched its latest Matter solutions, which enable global customers to become part of the first group to support the Matter protocols and help them to seize business opportunities in the smart home industry.

Tuya’s second episode of the video series, ‘What’s It For’ clearly demonstrates the features and value of Tuya’s Matter solutions. ‘What's It For’ is a popular column created by Tuya this year, which helps makes relatively complex technological concepts and knowledge simple to understand for those who don’t share an extensive technology background.

**Here are the main requests from manufacturers regarding Matter devices: ** Request I: To seize business opportunities faster. The biggest concern of manufacturers is that the time frame of development and certification is too long. Tuya’s Matter solutions solve this problem by providing a quick process for product development and certification. In the future, Tuya will create a one-stop development platform, similar to that already available for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee, to help customers complete the development of Matter devices cost-effectively.

Request II: To enable more categories to connect to Matter devices. So far, the Matter protocol cannot support every category of smart device. Allowing more device categories to connect to Matter will enable manufacturers to build up complete smart scenes and automations to better assist users in making decisions.

Tuya’s Matter solutions will not only provide customers with a Bridge Hub, but also other hubs such as those for Central Control, Smart Speaker Hub, and Multi-Protocol interaction, which help customers realize the automatic interconnection between Matter devices and non-Matter devices within the local network.

Request III: To break the restrictions of LAN and realize remote device management. Matter is a communication protocol based on LAN which has limitations around remote device control. To match users' expectations for remotely-controllable scenes, by connecting the Powered by Tuya App to Tuya IoT PaaS, users can realize remote control and operate smart devices from different brands such as Google, Amazon, and Apple. A smart life experience like this will be certain to continually meet users’ expectations.

Request IV: Acquire more customized functions. Tuya’s Matter solutions not only provide basic device control functions but also offer customized selections in order to help customers realize multi-function controls to attract more users.

In addition, based on years of marketing and application experience, Tuya also provides full-service support when customers develop Matter devices. For example, Tuya’s Matter solutions can help first-time Matter device manufacturers to manage information and upgrade OTA without rebuilding the DCL server, by using Tuya IoT PaaS; Moreover, Tuya’s Matter solutions can provide customers with automatic manufacturing technology to attach each product with a unique distribution network code to avoid wrong code marks; Furthermore, Tuya, as a long-term ecosystem partner of Amazon, Google, and Apple, helps customers to acquire Matter Badge certifications as well as WWA, WWGA and WWAH Badge certifications.

So far, Tuya has a range of Matter product solutions, such as those for electrical, lighting, sensing, home appliances, and multimedia products. Tuya will work with other Matter protocol participants to ensure the development of a continually expanding range of Matter-compatible products.

Compared with other solutions, Tuya’s Matter solutions provide global customers with a more flexible way to connect multiple smart devices and strengthen support for a globally connected smart ecosystem.

Tuya’s consistent efforts in building an open and neutral global smart ecosystem, promoting the application of the Matter protocol, and launching its latest Matter solutions, all contribute to breaking down the ecosystem barriers and making "all things connected, intelligently" possible.

All measures taken are crucial to Tuya’s global customers, especially our Chinese partners. If their smart devices cannot fit and align with major product ecosystems while promoting in global markets, they will run high risk of losing market share capitalization opportunities. Tuya’s Matter solutions ensure customers can seamlessly align with major smart home ecosystems such as Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. as well as providing Chinese overseas doing business internationally to become market pioneers and seize cutting-edge business opportunities in the smart home industry.

As a promoter of the Matter protocol, Tuya will reserve a space in its showroom this September at IFA Berlin, specifically for exhibiting Matter and to welcome global developers to experience Tuya’s Matter solutions.

Tuya’s Matter solutions will bring a range of positive impacts to the global smart home industry, and will also encourage over 582,000 developers in more than 200 countries and regions in the Tuya ecosystem to become Matter device developers. From the early device connection to ecosystem development, Tuya has always been a contributor to the open and shared smart home industry, and will always be committed to the creed of ‘get all things connected, intelligently’.

Got any questions? I'm happy to help!