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Tuya Smart Releases All-In Bluetooth Development Capability at Developer Conference
Apr 29, 2021

HANGZHOU, China, April 29, 2021— Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA) a leading global IoT cloud platform, today concluded its Bluetooth Developer Conference titled "Light Intelligent, Without Boundary" hosted in Shenzhen, China. The conference attracted thousands of Bluetooth developers from different backgrounds. Ken Kolderup, CMO of Bluetooth SIG, delivered opening remarks. Prominent companies in the Bluetooth space including Tuya Smart, Nordic, Phyplus, All-Link Microelectronics, Freqchip, Actions Technology, Jieli Technology, PAK, ITON Technology Corp, HYSIRY, Lenze Tech, World Elite Technology, Panchip, Minew Technology, Pisen Electronics, 52Audio shared their views on the latest trends and developments of Bluetooth technology.

【Light Intelligent, Without Boundary" Tuya Smart Bluetooth Developer Conference】【Light Intelligent, Without Boundary" Tuya Smart Bluetooth Developer Conference】

Recently, Bluetooth SIG released "2021 Market Update", showing that the annual shipment of Bluetooth devices is expected to reach 6.4 billion units by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) reaching 10% in the next five years. Driving this amazing growth trend, aside from the continuous optimization of Bluetooth technology, is the popularity of IoT (Internet of Things) smart devices, which have greatly spurred market demand for Bluetooth chips. Data from the report shows that in 2021, the shipment of Bluetooth automation devices for smart home will reach 222 million units. By 2025, that figure will grow three times to 670 million units in just five years. All these figures indicate that Bluetooth technology has become an indispensable part of smart home and even more scenarios of smart business.

【Alex Yang, Co-founder and COO of Tuya Smart】【Alex Yang, Co-founder and COO of Tuya Smart】

"Tuya has been thinking about what Bluetooth developers really need. Based on rich experience in product and project, we find that Bluetooth developers have been looking for a development platform that can provide powerful development capabilities and can connect to a wider hardware ecosystem. To this end, we need to introduce more Bluetooth access protocols and connection approaches." said Alex Yang, Co-founder and COO of Tuya Smart at the conference.

As mentioned in Alex’s presentation, in terms of Bluetooth protocol, Tuya Smart supports connection approaches such as point-to-point, Bluetooth mesh, and broadcast Bluetooth. Tuya Smart also provides access to major chip platforms and serves a variety of Bluetooth modules. In terms of device access, Tuya Smart provides SDK development, MCU common connection, and SoC development-free solutions so that Bluetooth developers with different product needs can find their own development methods and quickly realize low-cost and efficient development.

【Xiaoman He, Bluetooth product specialist at Tuya Smart】【Xiaoman He, Bluetooth product specialist at Tuya Smart】

In addition to connectivity and access capabilities, Xiaoman He, a Bluetooth product specialist at Tuya Smart, unveiled Tuya’s All-In Bluetooth development capability at the conference, and highlighted the following three advantages:

Stronger Development Capability

As a global leading IoT cloud platform, Tuya Smart provides one-stop AI-IoT PaaS solutions. In the field of Bluetooth application, Tuya offers more than 150 zero-code development solutions, helping developers create mass-market Bluetooth products in 15 minutes without R&D investment. In addition, Tuya provides over 500 low-code development solutions so that developers can focus on the R&D of product features. Developers need only define their product features on the Tuya IoT development platform, which will automatically generate MCU code for them. The ready-to-use communication and protocol analysis architecture can be directly added to the original MCU, and work in conjunction with Tuya Smart’s Bluetooth cloud module for highly efficient development of smart products.

Apart from significantly reducing development costs, the All-In Bluetooth development capability of Tuya Smart can also effectively reduce energy consumption and utility bills for users. For many developers, to reduce the power consumption of IoT devices, chips need to be replaced with energy-efficient models. However, the All-In Bluetooth capability of Tuya Smart can greatly reduce the power consumption of devices without replacing chips or impacting product performance. Taking the smart Bluetooth temperature and humidity meters as an example, Tuya configures low-power link mode through the Bluetooth LE, Beacon dual-protocol, and App, which can reduce the power consumption of this type of product by at least 30%.

In addition to the above capabilities, the All-In Bluetooth development capability also supports more than 50 IoT PaaS components such as one-click networking, Bluetooth connection strategy, and Bluetooth LE audio transmission. At present, Bluetooth products based on Tuya’s All-In Bluetooth development capability have covered six fundamental needs: fitness, security, energy-saving, efficiency, health, and entertainment.

A Wider Product Ecosystem

Many developers may wonder why they should connect their own Bluetooth products to the cloud, since Bluetooth products can realize single-point connection without using any gateway.

The reason is very simple. No smart device can exist independently from an ecosystem; otherwise the smart products in the hands of consumers are merely "silos", which are incompatible with each other and extremely cumbersome to control.

By connecting devices to Tuya Smart’s cloud, developers can connect their own products with more than 252,000 Powered by Tuya devices. With a single app, they can control cross-category and cross-protocol devices from thousands of brands around the world, so as to realize the real "interconnected" smart scenario. In addition, thanks to Tuya Smart cloud-deployed globally, developers can seamlessly connect their devices to Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and other popular overseas smart ecosystems, allowing their products to quickly enter overseas markets.

【On-site Exhibition Area】【On-site Exhibition Area】

More Reliable Stability

Bluetooth is not only used in single-product devices, but also has a wide application space in various smart business scenarios. In the field of smart commercial lighting, Tuya Smart is an early mover in the research and practice of large-scale Bluetooth mesh lighting applications in China. At present, the Tuya Bluetooth mesh solution has been applied in more than 1000 commercial scenarios, including parking lots, bars, shopping centers, buildings, and schools.

Tuya Smart and NVC Lighting jointly carried out a demo project for smart lighting solutions in the NVC Shanghai office under China’s 13th Five-Year Plan for science and technology development. In the project, NVC adopted Tuya’s Bluetooth mesh solution, and thanks to fast-networking ability, network speed was increased by 90%. The average networking speed of each node was shortened to 3 ~ 5 seconds, greatly improving construction efficiency. At the same time, with Tuya’s smart commercial lighting solution, daily office power consumption decreased by about 70% year on year.

In addition to the decrease in power consumption and cost, device connection stability is a very important feature in commercial scenarios with large-scale use of Bluetooth. If stability cannot be guaranteed, it will easily lead to serious collision and packet loss, which may cause false offline and other problems.

Tuya Smart has invested in Bluetooth optimization to improve stability. In order to solve the problem of false offline, Tuya Smart has adopted a heartbeat strategy for optimization. This approach dynamically and flexibly adjusts the Bluetooth mesh gateway as per network size to make it quickly and accurately detect the online and offline status of devices. As to network channel congestion, Tuya optimizes the frequency and timing of message forwarding in Bluetooth mesh to ensure normal operation of the device and improve the fast control of the device. All the Bluetooth connection optimization for high-density applications greatly enhances the core competitiveness of Tuya’s All-In development capability in smart commercial lighting, energy, and other industries.

The release of Tuya Smart All-In Bluetooth development capability lays a solid foundation for Bluetooth technology innovation and large-scale commercial application, and helps more developers realize the potential of the Bluetooth market and jointly seize the opportunity of the "blue market." It is foreseeable that with the continuous growth of global Bluetooth shipment, as a key link, the rapid development of smart devices will also provide more opportunities for traditional Bluetooth developers to "overtake in the corner" in the field of smart products and to explore more possibilities.

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