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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Smart Releases Application Demo That Incorporates ChatGPT-like Technologies for Smart Industries
Tuya Smart Releases Application Demo That Incorporates ChatGPT-like Technologies for Smart Industries
Feb 16, 2023

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX:2391), a global IoT development platform service provider, has released an application demo that incorporates ChatGPT-like technologies for the smart home and smart business industries. The demo adopts the Prompt Engineering method. By leveraging the language processing capabilities of ChatGPT-like technologies and combining them with Tuya’s AI model, Tuya will bring users a more efficient and smarter experience and improve the digitalization of smart homes and other vertical industries.

For the smart home setting, based on the conversational and independent learning abilities of ChatGPT-like technologies, Tuya’s application demo can turn smart experiences into intelligent ones for users. Its capabilities are as follows:

1. Intelligent interpretation of intentions. The application demo can provide users with a more convenient and comfortable interaction experience with voice recognition and natural language processing technologies. When the user gives an instruction, the application will give the most appropriate response based on the user's habits and the current situation. For example, when one is ready for a business trip and says "take care of my house", the application will turn off unessential home appliances; adjust heating, ventilation and air conditioning to energy-saving modes and turn on the smart care mode.

2. Provide personalized services. Different from most of the smart home products on the market now, Tuya’s application demo can give more flexible and interactive responses to manage situations. This is because the application leverages the Template Starter Kit to optimize ChatGPT-like technologies to generate content and process dialogue so that users can enjoy more personalized services.

3. Monitor and optimize household energy use. In managing home energy consumption, Tuya’s application demo can provide more scientific and effective solutions by leveraging relevant perceptual control algorithms in the IoT industry. For example, it can recommend ways to reduce energy consumption, turn off the lights in an empty room or set the air conditioner to an energy-efficient level.

4. Predict maintenance needs. By integrating AI and big data algorithms, the application demo can analyze data from smart devices, predict when they need maintenance and remind users in time through multiple devices. For example, it can remind users when service calls are needed by tracking a refrigerator’s energy consumption and temperature settings.

5. Provide emotionally appropriate responses. When the user shows mood changes during conversations, due to anger or fatigue for example, the application demo can control smart devices to play relaxing music or provide a soothing level of lighting to help calm the user.

In addition to smart homes, with Prompt optimization, Tuya’s application demo can also play an important role in intelligent business settings such as hotels, rentals, communities and commercial lighting.

For instance, in the intelligent hotel scenario, the demo can perform automatic and interrelated functions, such as unlocking a room using facial recognition, adjusting the brightness of lights and turning certain devices to an energy-saving mode. It can also manage the interactions among smart curtains, smart TVs, smart shower systems and other devices. This not only makes management more efficient for hotels and other businesses, it also provides smarter experiences for guests.

The smart home and other vertical industries enabled by ChatGPT and similar technologies are welcoming a more intelligent era. Through breakthroughs in speakers, central control screens, voice assistants and other central carrier devices and systems, the development of AI in natural language processing will continue to grow and will be applied to more practical business scenarios, constantly creating new business opportunities and improving business efficiency.

As the commercial value of ChatGPT and similar technologies becomes increasingly prominent, companies all over the word are closely following the discussions around them. But many do not know where to begin to utilize them. That’s where Tuya’s application demo comes in. It provides a stable and efficient path for global manufacturers,brands to seize the opportunity. Meanwhile, Tuya’s demo incorporates wide general compatibility. It supports other generative AI technologies besides ChatGPT. An example is the Stable Diffusion model, which can provide virtual life settings in the smart home assistant field. This allows Tuya to create more opportunities for global partners.

By collaborating with Tuya, global brands, OEMs, and developers will be able to integrate the capabilities of ChatGPT-like technologies into their business models to create more competitive smart products, better meet the real demands of different users and further seize market opportunities.

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