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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Smart to Land More Application Cases to Support Newly Released Matter 1.0 Standard
Tuya Smart to Land More Application Cases to Support Newly Released Matter 1.0 Standard
Oct 10, 2022

On October 4, 2022, Pacific Standard Time (PST), the Connectivity Standards Alliance (“CSA” or the “Alliance”) announced the official release of the Matter 1.0 specification and the opening of the Matter certification program, which indicates Matter as an interoperable protocol that works across brands and platforms, will bring consumers more integrated and simpler smart scenes with a more robust privacy and security services.

More than just a specification, the Matter 1.0 standard launches with test cases and comprehensive test tools for Alliance members and a global certification program, including eight authorized test labs that are primed to test not only Matter, but also Matter’s underlying network technologies, Wi-Fi, and Thread. This will help realize the complete vision of Matter in various application scenarios.

This initial release of Matter, running over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Thread, will support a variety of common smart home products, including lighting and electrical, HVAC controls, window coverings and shades, sensors, door locks, and media devices, such as TVs.

As an early participant and promoter of Matter, Tuya Smart (“Tuya”) (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a global IoT development platform service provider, together with other Alliance members are meeting the demands of global customers and partners for the development and application of Matter with innovative technologies and rich experiences. Moreover, Tuya will further promote Matter’s development, design, testing, and specification certification to support Matter’s global adoption and implementation.

Currently, Tuya has launched solutions for Matter, enabling global customers to become part of the first group to leverage the Matter protocols. As an IoT development platform service provider that consistently builds an open and neutral global smart ecosystem, Tuya’s solutions for Matter have a lot of unique advantages.

First of all, based on the one-stop development capabilities of Tuya’s IoT platform, Tuya’s solutions for Matter can help global customers complete the development of Matter devices in a faster way.

Secondly, Tuya’s solutions for Matter can support more non-Matter devices to connect with Matter devices. Tuya will not only provide customers with a Bridge Hub, but also other hubs such as those for Central Control, Smart Speaker Hub, and Multi-Protocol interaction, which helps customers realize the automatic interconnection between Matter devices and non-Matter devices within the local network.

Tuya’s solutions for Matter support Matter devices connecting to Tuya IoT PaaS via the Powered by Tuya App, allowing consumers to control and operate smart devices remotely. And Tuya’s solutions for Matter can help customers realize customized multi-functions to attract more users.

In addition, based on years of marketing and application experience, and in-depth involvement in Matter’s development in the early stage, Tuya could provide full-service support when customers develop Matter devices, such as information management of Matter devices, OTA upgrading, network code distribution of Matter devices, the DCL server establishment, and more.

Tuya has a range of product solutions that support Matter, such as those for electrical, lighting, sensing, home appliances, and multimedia products, which will meet the variable development demands of global manufacturers. With Tuya’s efforts, customers can create smart scenes with the automatic connection of various Matter devices. For example, if consumers create a homecoming mode on the Powered by Tuya App, once they return home, the door sensor that connects with the lights can automatically turn on the lights and smart speakers, such as Google Alexa. Then consumers can start playing music, allowing them to feel more immersed and comfortable in the smart living experience.

Matter 1.0 standard is generally recognized as a milestone by the market. Driven by leading companies in the IoT industry, such as Tuya Smart, Matter will have a wide range of application scenarios. Meanwhile, Tuya’s support for the Matter 1.0 standard will encourage over 629,000 developers in more than 200 countries in the Tuya ecosystem to develop their own Matter devices more conveniently and efficiently.

Whether it is the support for mainstream protocols such as Matter, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi, or building a connected ecosystem for different brands and categories around the world, Tuya has always been a contributor to an open and shared smart ecosystem, and will continuously promote the realization of “all things connected, intelligently.”

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