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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Presents Latest Home Energy Management Solutions with Leading European Companies at Light + Building 2022
Tuya Presents Latest Home Energy Management Solutions with Leading European Companies at Light + Building 2022
Oct 05, 2022

Frankfurt, Germany, October 4, 2022 - Tuya Smart ("Tuya" or the "Company") (NYSE: TUYA; HKEX: 2391), a global IoT development platform service provider, hosted “Tuya Day” with leading European companies at the Light + Building Autumn Edition 2022 (Light + Building 2022) in Frankfurt, Germany. Under the theme of “Immersive Smart Prosperous Growth,” Tuya’s industrial partners from lighting, smart home appliances, and other sectors shared their insights on how innovative IoT technologies can contribute to saving energy and help create a more sustainable world.

Tuya Smart’s Booth at Light + Building 2022Tuya Smart’s Booth at Light + Building 2022

Tuya Smart introduced the Home Energy Management Solution for household energy management. With its device-level data acquisition and analysis of household energy consumption habits, this solution can inform households how much energy they have generated, used, stored, and saved. Leveraging Tuya’s powered IoT ecosystem, hardware and software, energy suppliers, manufacturers, and real estate developers can provide their customers with value-added services that can reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions.

The event featured representatives from leading brands in Europe, including Hama GmbH, JeWoo, KUMUX, and Firefly Projects B.V. The representatives spoke about energy-saving smart solutions with their partner, Tuya.

Hama GmbH: A Consumer Centric Approach to the Challenge of Smart Home Industry

Hama is the world’s leading accessories supplier, with more than 20 international branches. The company has approximately 18,000 products, with more than 3,000 new SKUs added each year, providing a unique logistic power throughout Europe.

Bobinger Thomas, Director of Product Portfolio Management of HamaBobinger Thomas, Director of Product Portfolio Management of Hama

“Tuya enables products beyond the current definition of Hama Smart Home Added Value and Cross Benefit for Consumer,” said Bobinger Thomas, Director of Product Portfolio Management of Hama GmbH. At Tuya Day, Bobinger introduced how Hama is taking its philosophy of always striving for improvement with new ideas to the next level. He further emphasized how the smart home industry can leverage digital methods and offline channels to assist potential customers in acquiring knowledge on different types of smart appliances that can meet their needs. This includes SEO, social media campaigns, interactive test stations, and more.

JeWoo: Leveraging IoT to Offer Smarter E&E Lighting Applications

JeWoo has more than 35 years of experience in making exit sign and emergency (E&E) lighting, and provide its products to a global client base. Now, by using Tuya’s IoT Platform, JeWoo will provide smart products and solutions for its customers.

John Birks, Marketing Director of High Bright International Ltd.John Birks, Marketing Director of High Bright International Ltd.

John Birks, Marketing Director of High Bright International Limited, introduced their E&E lighting solutions and highlighted their importance for commercial properties and residential buildings. He said, "From a commercial real estate perspective, our partnership with Tuya opens a whole new world for commercial real estate. Through a Tuya-enabled commercial gateway, our clients can install any smart device on any floor and achieve interconnection."

KUMUX: Human-centric Lighting - Your Indoor Sun

KUMUX offers lighting software services to make office buildings, hospitals, and schools healthier, more sustainable, and more efficient. With its technology, customers can automate light based on geographic location, time of day, and human activity to balance indoor lighting with natural light, improving residents’ productivity, concentration, and health while saving energy at the same time.

Adrià Huguet Ferran, Co-founder, CTO, and member of the research team of KUMUXAdrià Huguet Ferran, Co-founder, CTO, and member of the research team of KUMUX

“Tuya Smart, UL, and KUMUX have extensively worked together in the Human Centric Lighting project, which can help users obtain UL V-Mark verification in the shortest possible time and at a membership price, enjoy a cost-effective performance, and quickly enhance the brand’s value. In addition, developers can leverage the ‘Kumux-Human Centric Lighting Control Strategy’ that relies on the KUMUX algorithm on the Tuya IoT Development Platform to acquire the benefits of natural lighting, improving residents’ productivity, concentration, health, and experience while saving energy,” said Adrià Huguet Ferran, Co-founder, CTO, and member of the research team of KUMUX.

Firefly Projects B.V.: Transforming Traditional Buildings into Smart Sustainable Buildings

Firefly Projects B.V. helps other companies transition from traditional lighting to smart lighting. It specializes in company lighting, office lighting, warehouse lighting, sports field lighting, and more. From product design, planning to installation, Firefly Projects B.V. helps clients improve their cash flow, working conditions, and experience with good energy-efficient lighting.

Frank Visser, CEO of Firefly Projects B.V.Frank Visser, CEO of Firefly Projects B.V.

“With the help of Tuya Smart, we were able to upgrade our traditional LED lamps to smart LED lamps and help our customers save more energy and improve working conditions,” said Frank Visser, CEO of Firefly Projects B.V. Visser also shared a case study, “Firefly installed lighting on a soccer field. Thanks to Tuya, we can dim the lights from 100% to 50%, resulting in extra energy savings of 275,000 kWh.”

LAMPTIME and Tuya’s Partnership Signing CeremonyLAMPTIME and Tuya’s Partnership Signing Ceremony

After the sharing session, Tuya Smart announced a partnership with LAMPTIME. “LAMPTIME is a Turkish company in the lighting market, manufacturing, aesthetic, technological, energy-efficient, and innovative lighting products and solutions since 1976. Today’s cooperation between Tuya and LAMPTIME brought intelligent lighting solutions that comply with IoT and served in the market with LAMPTIME SMART brand,” said Cihangir Mihoglu, the General Manager of LAMPTIME.

Group Photo of Guest SpeakersGroup Photo of Guest Speakers

Since the opening of Light + Building 2022, Tuya’s interactive showroom has already attracted thousands of visitors. Tuya Day created a stage for Tuya’s partners to show how IoT technology can renovate the traditional lighting industry and improve energy efficiency. In the future, Tuya will continue to work with leading lighting brands and manufacturers to deliver innovative and sustainable lighting products and solutions across the globe.

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