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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Smart to Present Building Energy Management System and Professional Lighting Solutions at Light + Building 2024
Tuya Smart to Present Building Energy Management System and Professional Lighting Solutions at Light + Building 2024
Feb 22, 2024

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX:2391), a global IoT developer service provider, is thrilled to announce its participation in Light + Building 2024, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building-services technology, in Frankfurt am Main, where the company will unveil cutting-edge technologies shaping the future of sustainable smart living.

Aligned with the event's overarching theme, "BE ELECTRIFIED," Tuya will showcase its latest innovations under the compelling banner of "IoT: A New Greener World." Attendees are invited to experience this visionary display at Booth E81 in Hall 8.0 at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre, from March 3 to 8.

The showcase is a testament to Tuya's dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. Through the seamless integration of IoT and AI technologies across lighting, energy, and diverse sectors, Tuya is redefining the landscape of smart homes and buildings. The objective is to enable customers to provide users with a green, low-carbon lifestyle, injecting fresh dynamics and optimism into the global agenda for sustainable development.

Tuya to Unveil Groundbreaking Initiatives in Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction

In the face of escalating global energy demand and ambitious carbon neutrality targets, the international energy market is imposing increasingly stringent standards on major industries and households. Smart energy management has evolved into an imperative trend, and as a pioneer in this domain, Tuya has launched a series of inventive smart energy solutions. These solutions offer practical and feasible pathways for global developers to embrace low-carbon practices and energy efficiency.

At the highly anticipated Light + Building 2024, Tuya is poised to showcase its revolutionary Building Energy Management System, a culmination of diverse functions tailored for developers worldwide. This innovative solution extends its applicability beyond traditional boundaries, finding relevance in architecture, warehouses, and urban landscapes. It serves as a pivotal tool for global developers, enabling unified platform management, optimizing operational efficiency, fostering the development of intelligent systems, and contributing to the establishment of sustainable green energy frameworks.

Professional Lighting Solutions to Illuminate the Future

As the global smart lighting market presents new growth prospects, recent research by Grand View Research, Inc. foresees the market reaching $46.9 billion by 2028. Against this backdrop, consumer expectations for lighting solutions have evolved, with a pronounced emphasis on more convenient lighting control systems and energy-efficient products.

In response to the burgeoning needs of the smart lighting market, Tuya is steadfast in its commitment and has introduced the Bluetooth Mesh professional lighting solution. This innovative solution not only establishes a versatile and customizable matrix of smart products, but also caters to diverse lighting requirements across various scenarios. Recognizing the evolving landscape, Tuya's solution ensures enterprises are well-equipped to meet the heightened demands of customers seeking cutting-edge lighting experiences.

Tuya’s Workshops Unveil an Array of Smart Solutions

Tuya's unwavering commitment to enhancing product value for customers and partners is underscored by its dedication to vertical fields such as smart houses, hotels, and residential buildings. Within these domains, Tuya has crafted a multitude of smart solutions, ranging from commercial smart door lock solutions, to comprehensive smart house and real estate solutions, and innovative smart commercial lighting solutions. Through the seamless interconnection and intelligent adaptation of these products, Tuya enables customers to efficiently construct diversified smart business scenarios, providing consumers with a seamlessly comfortable and intelligent living experience.

These groundbreaking solutions are set to make their grand debut at Light + Building 2024. To facilitate a deeper understanding of the advantages these solutions offer, Tuya has organized a Smart Building Workshops event from March 5 to 7, 2024. This series of workshops aims to furnish developers with detailed explanations of Tuya’s smart solutions, enabling them to comprehend their intricacies and potential applications. Moreover, the interactive platform encourages developers to actively engage in discussions and collectively explore the latent commercial value embedded in these innovative solutions.

Adding to the excitement, Tuya is set to host the eagerly awaited Tuya Developer Day at Light + Building 2024. This exclusive event will witness the convergence of globally renowned enterprises, including Statista, Xanlite, FSL Lighting, and Enerlution, among others, joining forces with Tuya to orchestrate a dynamic and cutting-edge technology showcase. The gathering aims to foster a collaborative environment, continuously enhancing energy management efficiency, and making meaningful contributions to global sustainable development.

Light + Building 2024 provides an exceptional opportunity for Tuya to showcase its technological strength and diversified solutions spanning lighting, energy, and various other fields to a global audience of developers. This gathering facilitates invaluable communication and exchange opportunities, allowing Tuya to engage closely with global developers. Through this exhibition, Tuya is poised to collaborate hand in hand with global developers, working towards the shared vision of realizing a sustainable future.

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