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Logging Service
Provide flexible log storage and search services for connected devices.
What is Logging Service ?
Tuya IoT Development Platform enables you to develop smart products without coding, significantly simplifying the complex IoT hardware development process. You can configure the product in a visualized manner online by clicking and selecting items. The entire development process does not require coding skills. Just follow the clear and quick step-by-step workflow to complete function definition, app panel design, and networking configuration. You will get the plug and play network module that is programmed with full firmware. Then, trial mass production can be launched. You will find the development process is as easy as ordering on the menu.
High reliability
Tuya Cloud deploys service nodes around the world to achieve near real-time log access and storage for globally distributed devices
High security
Device logs are securely, efficiently, and reliably stored by Tuya Cloud, without data loss or corruption
Low cost
Store seven days of logs for free, and upgrade services on-demand for a longer retention period.
High performance
After the device log is reported to the cloud, you can query the near real-time data in the IoT Platform
How it works
Application Scenario
App index curve
Generate the index curve based on the raw log data and display it on the app control panel.
Easy product iteration
Improve product functions and user experiences through log search and analysis.
Alert threshold settings
Set thresholds for monitored events based on the device log data to trigger alerts when the threshold is reached.
Custom log storage
We provide diverse log storage options. You can select a storage period between one and 36 months, and storage types include device data reporting, startup, and shutdown.
24-hour device monitoring
Retrieve comprehensive information around devices and event times and according to various data-point queries. Device running statuses are fully reproduced, allowing you to precisely track the actual conditions of devices and consumables. Users also get support in the form of device maintenance, consumable replacement, and other services.
Data APIs
You can customize the display format on the app panel through the log service APIs. The device logs that have been reported to the cloud will display in your app. This speeds up product development and helps you improve user experience and product competitiveness. We also provide data APIs through cloud-to-cloud connection to implement secondary development and system integration.
Free seven-day log storageStore and retrieve seven days of logs of connected devices for free.
Value-added servicesIf you need a longer retention period, you can purchase a service package on-demand and enjoy the corresponding benefits. The available periods are one month, three months, six months, one year, two years, and three years. You can also customize the retention period as needed, with a maximum retention period of up to three years.
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