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No-Code Development
No-code and visualized development help you quickly build smart IoT products online.
What is No-Code Development?
The Tuya IoT Development Platform enables you to develop smart products without coding, significantly simplifying the complex IoT hardware development process. You can configure the product in a visualized manner online by clicking and selecting items. The entire development process requires no coding skills. Just follow the clear and quick step-by-step workflow to complete function definition, app panel design, and networking configuration. You will get the plug and play network module that is programmed with full firmware. Then, you can launch a trial mass production. You will find the development process as easy as ordering from an online menu.
Use the configuration dashboard to develop your product by simply clicking and selecting the desired options. The entire process works without coding.
Low cost
Our SoC solution provides the full system functions of a device, including the networking capability. All you need to pay is a one-time module cost.
Short cycle
Our plug-and-play solution is based on best practices from large-scale smart product development. Smart product models can be ready for mass production within 15 minutes.
Simple operation
The simple, industry-leading, and step-by-step workflow allows you to quickly and easily develop smart products. You can complete the whole development process in just five steps.
How it works
Application Scenario
We provide over 100 no-code solutions for the electrical industry, covering more than 10 categories of products, such as wall sockets, power strips, switches, and breakers. It supports various communication protocols, including Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, and dual-mode (Wi-Fi + BLE), which meets your requirements for developing various smart electrical accessories.
With a wide range of innovative functionality, including brightness, color temperature, circadian rhythms, timers, and smart scenes, this is the smart answer to your residential and commercial lighting needs. No-code allows you to spend more time on the creative design of the finished products.
Function definition
Define product functions by selecting the data point in a visualized manner. The data point represents the data to be reported to and sent from the cloud.
Adaptive control panel
According to your design preferences, products, or application styles, select a control panel that can automatically adapt to the function definition. Scan the QR code from the Tuya Smart app to directly experience panel interaction and virtual debugging, no design skills required.
Visualized drag-and-drop panel design
The drag-and-drop GUI design and release tool allows you to design panels in a development-free environment that meets your needs for both efficiency and aesthetics.
Visualized firmware configuration
According to the selected module, configurable items such as pins are automatically loaded. The visualized configuration tool adapts to different requirements for circuit design, structural design, and working environment to create a JSON configuration file for the firmware.
Circuit schematic diagram
The platform provides the circuit diagram to build a complete development board with the Tuya module, which saves you the time and debugging cost of researching and designing the development board by yourself.
Automation test of the whole device
The Tuya Cloud Test app integrates test case files for all no-code smart products. After the finished device is assembled, you can bind it to the Tuya Cloud Test app to start device automation testing and generate a stable, standard, and credible test report.
To develop smart products through the Tuya no-code solution, you only need to pay for the network module or PCBA to get the Tuya standard SoC network module programmed with full firmware or the Tuya standard PCBA. You do not have to pay for cloud authorization or for developing device software.
According to different device requirements, we provide several communication protocols. Network modules and PCBA options of different chip platforms are available at different prices and capabilities.
Tiered pricing
Negotiated price
You can buy at least one module for debugging from the platform or buy in bulk for production. Each time you place an order, the pricing center will evaluate the number of identical models ordered to determine the price bracket. The more you buy, the lower the price will be.
After you become a Tuya global partner and establish a strategic cooperation with Tuya, you will enjoy the negotiated price for specified modules. Contact the business development manager for more information.
Get Started
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Select Plug and Play Solution
Define Function
Select/Design Panel
Select Module
Configure Firmware (If Any)
Purchase Sample
Perform Debugging
Arrange Production
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