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Home>Tuya News>"Tuya Developer Day" Enables Global Developers to Build a Greener Future at Light + Building 2024
"Tuya Developer Day" Enables Global Developers to Build a Greener Future at Light + Building 2024
Mar 05, 2024

Frankfurt, Germany - March 4, 2024 — Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), the leading global IoT developer service provider, marked a successful commencement of "Tuya Developer Day" at Light + Building 2024.

This exclusive event convened esteemed organizations, institutions, and industry representatives from lighting, whole-house solutions, real estate, energy, and more. The gathering centered around discussions on leveraging advanced technologies like IoT and AI to actualize ESG principles, foster an energy-efficient and sustainable interconnected world, and guide global developers in navigating business opportunities and emerging market prospects.

The event site of “Tuya Developer Day”The event site of “Tuya Developer Day”

Ziyan Qiu, CEO of Enerlution Europe, Jérôme Haddad, Executive Director of Xanlite, Olaf Schellenberger, Sales Director of Germany of FSL Lighting, Lionel Sujay Vailshery, Senior Researcher of Technology & Communications at Statista, along with Tina Yu, General Manager of Eurasia, Liwei Sun, Head of Product Management of Lighting, Winston Chua, Solution Director, and Daniel Shane, Product Director of Tuya Smart Commercial, delivered insightful speeches, setting the stage for a day of exploration and collaboration.

At the commencement of Tuya Developer Day, Tina Yu, General Manager of Eurasia at Tuya Smart, took the stage with the opening speech. "In recent years, Europe has witnessed a remarkable shift towards green practices and energy conservation. Faced with increasingly stringent policies, heightened environmental awareness, businesses are turning to smart solutions to enhance operational efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint. Tuya Smart is steadfast in its commitment to leveraging advanced technologies like IoT, AI, and cloud computing to assist companies in improving operational efficiency, optimizing energy structures, and achieving ESG goals. Moving forward, Tuya will collaboratively explore greener and smarter development paths with global developers, contributing to sustainable development in Europe and beyond," stated Yu.

Tina Yu, General Manager of Eurasia at Tuya SmartTina Yu, General Manager of Eurasia at Tuya Smart

Following the opening remarks, distinguished guests delivered keynote speeches on cutting-edge topics, including smart lighting, building energy conservation, and sustainable development.

Enerlution: Smarter and More Economical Energy Storage

Established in 2017, Enerlution is a leading BMS system producer, focusing on R&D, production and sales of household energy storage systems and small industrial and commercial energy storage systems. Enerlution is committed to providing safe and efficient energy storage management solutions for global green energy applications through advanced energy management and battery management technologies. Currently, its products have been exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

Ziyan Qiu, CEO of Enerlution Europe, stated, "The European energy storage market is currently experiencing robust growth. In 2022 alone, the market size reached an impressive 2.8GW/3.3GWh. With this strong market demand, our goal is to collaboratively develop comprehensive intelligent energy storage solutions, enabling customers to enhance energy efficiency and unlock new opportunities in the realm of smart energy storage."

Ziyan Qiu,CEO of Enerlution EuropeZiyan Qiu,CEO of Enerlution Europe

Xanlite: Beyond Illumination: Crafting Spaces with Energy-Efficiency

Established in 1997, Xanlite boasts over two decades of expertise in the LED lighting market. As a preferred LED lighting brand in Western Europe, the company has garnered favor for its robust brand appeal, extensive channel coverage, and substantial market influence. With a stellar reputation in Western Europe and exports to over 20 countries and regions globally, Xanlite stands as a beacon of innovation and quality.

Jérôme Haddad, Executive Director of Xanlite, remarked, "Intelligence is shaping the future of the lighting and home market. Positioned as a trailblazer in the global smart lighting consumer market, Xanlite is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of lighting technology. Through our collaboration with Tuya, Kozii, our dedicated Smart brand, aspire to assist customers in crafting smarter, more energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly living spaces, unlocking the full potential of the European smart living market. Our determination to diversify our product ranges has led us to offer a choice of relevant products in the field of HVAC showing once again XANLITE Group agility & capabilities to follow market expectation."

Jérôme Haddad, Executive Director of XanliteJérôme Haddad, Executive Director of Xanlite

FSL Lighting: New Trend of Smart Lighting

Witnessed a history evolution of 65 years, FSL Lighting pioneered in lighting development and has breakthroughs in many techniques. FSL Lighting has a huge investment in smart lighting equipment and applications and provides professional smart lighting solutions for indoor & outdoor use. 40% of their products are exported to globally over 120 countries. With the assistance of automation production lines, FSL Lighting continues to unlock the potential of lighting products manufacturing for a more comfortable and intelligent living environment.

"As global attention turns towards sustainable development, intelligent lighting emerges as a crucial force in driving green transformation, thanks to its energy-saving and environmentally friendly characteristics. Since we collaborated with Tuya in 2019, we have witnessed significant success in overseas lighting markets. Looking ahead, we aim to deepen our collaboration in smart technology, channel expansion, and the industrial chain, accelerating the commercial implementation of smart lighting," said Olaf Schellenberger.

Olaf Schellenberger, Sales Director of Germany of FSL LightingOlaf Schellenberger, Sales Director of Germany of FSL Lighting

Statista: Harnessing the Power of IoT

As one of the the leading data and business intelligence platforms worldwide, Statista empowers people to make evidence-based decisions confidently. With access to over 1 million statistics, data covering 170 industries and 200 countries, and in-depth insights on markets, consumers, companies, and eCommerce, users can access multiple resources to solve complex business challenges and stay ahead of the competition.

Lionel Sujay Vailshery, Senior Researcher of Technology & Communications at Statista, highlighted, "IoT, a cornerstone of the new technological revolution, is reshaping our lives, work, and business models at an unprecedented pace. IoT applications have permeated every facet of society. According to Statista data, global IoT market revenue is projected to reach $2.226 trillion by 2028." In light of these new market opportunities, we are committed to delivering the most authoritative, accurate, and timely business data and analysis globally, unleashing the true potential of IoT."

Lionel Sujay Vailshery, Senior Researcher of Technology & Communications at StatistaLionel Sujay Vailshery, Senior Researcher of Technology & Communications at Statista

Tuya’s Innovative Smart Solutions Lead a New Wave of Smart Energy Conservation

Liwei Sun, Head of Product Management of Lighting at Tuya Smart, presented a compelling speech titled "Elevating Spaces With Tuya's Professional Bluetooth Mesh Lighting Solution." With the increasing adoption of Bluetooth devices, the market potential is burgeoning. To assist clients in capitalizing on this opportunity, Tuya has introduced the Bluetooth Mesh professional lighting solution tailored for lighting enterprises. This solution not only demonstrates the profound application of advanced lighting technology but also emphasizes cost-effectiveness, offering developers comprehensive services from hardware to software and tools.

"This solution enables developers to significantly enhance the operational efficiency of lighting equipment and substantially reduce deployment costs, resulting in smarter, more efficient, and more comfortable lighting effects. Currently, Bluetooth mesh professional lighting solutions are successfully applied in diverse sectors such as hotels, rentals, and offices, leading to over 50% energy cost savings for enterprises," said Sun.

Liwei Sun, Head of Product Management of Lighting at Tuya SmartLiwei Sun, Head of Product Management of Lighting at Tuya Smart

Winston Chua, Solution Director of Tuya Smart, provided an in-depth exploration into the implementation of energy conservation strategies under the theme "Leveraging Data for Smart Energy Conservation Strategies”. He highlighted the challenges after tackling basic energy saving, but AI offers a solution. It analyzes data, suggests actions, and automates processes to improve efficiency. High-quality data is crucial, so with stakeholders for transparency and responsibility. Secured platform like Tuya Cube emplower you to manage data and leverage AI for significant energy conservation.

Winston Chua, Solution Director of Tuya SmartWinston Chua, Solution Director of Tuya Smart

Following this, Daniel Shane, the Product Director of Tuya Smart Commercial, delivered an insightful speech titled "Efficient IoT Solutions for Diverse Properties."

Daniel Shane, the Product Director of Tuya Smart CommercialDaniel Shane, the Product Director of Tuya Smart Commercial

"In the era of intelligence, different industries have unique requirements for smart upgrades in business scenarios. With its modular software combinations and a diverse hardware ecosystem, Tuya enables developers to efficiently implement smart scenarios. Tuya Smart Commercial is committed to delivering comprehensive, cost-effective solutions to expedite the establishment of intelligent businesses. For instance, Tuya commercial lighting and smart hospitality meet the specific needs of green buildings, and enhances hotel operational efficiency. Moving forward, Tuya will leverage its robust and flexible developer platform to aid global industry clients in expanding smart scenarios and charting their sustainable development path,” said Shane.

Group photo of guestsGroup photo of guests

The "Tuya Developer Day" underscores Tuya's eminent status in the realm of smart technology. Beyond heralding fresh market prospects for Tuya, the event has ignited boundless enthusiasm among global developers for the field of intelligence. Looking ahead, Tuya is poised to sustain its leadership in the "smart + energy conservation" landscape, collaboratively steering the course towards a greener and smarter future. Together with global developers, Tuya is committed to infusing renewed vigor into the construction of a sustainable and intelligent world.

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