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Home>Tuya News>Tuya Signed Strategic Partnership with T3 Technology to Further Develop Southeast Asia’s IoT Industry
Tuya Signed Strategic Partnership with T3 Technology to Further Develop Southeast Asia’s IoT Industry
Aug 20, 2022

On August 19, 2022 -- Tuya Smart ("Tuya" or "the Company") (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX: 2391), a leading IoT development platform service provider, and T3 Technology, a prominent telecom solutions provider in Southeast Asia, today announced a strategic partnership to further strengthen their cooperation and deliver innovative IoT products and services to Southeast Asian markets.

By leveraging Tuya’s comprehensive IoT ecosystem, T3 Technology will officially launch IoT products and services across Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Tuya and T3 Technology will work together on developing smart hardware, applications and cloud platforms. From enhancing technologies to improving marketing channels, Tuya will help T3 Technology further increase its market share in Thailand’s IoT industry.

T3 Technology has formed mature business networks and generated a sizeable customer base in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The two partners will jointly explore and advance the adoption of smart home products and services across the region.

“We are delighted to strengthen our cooperation with T3 Technology. Coping with climate change has become the common mission and responsibility for tech companies across the world. Leveraging our years of experience in building the IoT industry, coupled with T3 Technology’s extensive roots in Southeast Asia, our strategic cooperation will enable us to help this region be more greener and smarter.” said Eva Na, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Cooperation and CMO of Tuya.

“T3 Technology adheres to a customer-centric business model and we are proud to provide our customers in Thailand and Southeast Asia with the best IoT products and services. We are confident that our strategic partnership with Tuya will enhance our ability to bring high-quality IoT devices and services to our customers,” said T3 Technology CEO Leo Yu.

Together with Tuya, T3 Technology is expected to expand its IoT product categories to more than 50 in 2022, with its sales channels expanding to over 1,000 outlets, including e-commerce websites, supermarkets, appliance stores, and more. The company’s annual sales are expected to reach $15 million by the end of year.

Tuya has been committed to providing value-added services for business customers with industry-leading technology capabilities and a comprehensive IoT ecosystem. Tuya launched Cube, a cloud-agnostic private IoT service deployment solution earlier this year to help business customers build their own private IoT platforms and launch their own IoT products and services. Tuya has already helped Telkom, Indonesia’s largest telecommunication company, launch their own IoT products and services in Indonesia this year. As global businesses continue to digitalize over the next several years, Cube will add more value to businesses that are in the process of digitalizing.

About Tuya Smart

Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA, HKEX:2391) is a leading technology company focused on making our lives smarter. Tuya does this through offering a cloud platform that connects a range of devices via the IoT. By building interconnectivity standards, Tuya bridges the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, and retail chains across a broad range of smart devices and industries. Tuya solutions empower partners and customers by improving the value of their products while making consumers' lives more convenient through the application of technology. Through its growing commercial SaaS business, Tuya offers intelligent business solutions for a wide range of verticals. The Company's platform is backed by industry-leading technology complete with rigorous data protection and security. Tuya partners with leading Fortune 500 companies from around the world to make things smarter, including Philips, Schneider Electric, Lenovo and many others.

About T3 Technology

T3 Technology was established in 2018, T3 Technology’s vision: For everyone’s digital transformation, Enabling Smart Enterprise, Smart SMEs and Smart Household for a better Smart Life. And the four key strategies to achieve in the future of T3 Technology: Full connection, Smart life, Value-added services, and Cloud. T3 Technology will further serve more consumers in more countries, open the greater growth business, quickly reach the ecological integration in Southeast Asian markets, and further expand into the global for future.

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